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Dear Professor Upton,
        Thank you for the extension on the test, but there was an issue when I went in today to take it. I realize that complaining after all the special treatment I've received is rude, but I do not feel like I was given proper testing conditions. Half way through the test, I realized I did not write down the start time nor the end time and throughout the test.* I was not given a warning regarding the amount of time left. I asked the proctor how much time was left for testing and was told I had about 45 minuets left. After about 20 minuets I was told by the student assistant that it was time to turn in my test. I spent my last 20 minuets working and checking on questions ** I understood better instead of working on my incomplete questions because I believed I had a larger amount of time to spend. Although *** I had a full hour to take the test, I could not appropriately make use of my time. I honestly believe I understand the questions and concepts that the test was assessing me and that the test I handed in does not reflect the knowledge I have on**** the subject. Is there possibly anything that can done about this issue? I feel bad asking for further consideration, but I feel like I was heavily disadvantaged by this*****.
Thank you,
Raymond "The Champion" La
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