frequently asked questions is your user-friendly almost entirely censor-free paste site.
Post anything you want from snippets of your latest script, entire full length scripts, application or post a passage of your next novel, essay, summary or a message.

Users (Unregistered & Registered) are given the options of privatizing their pastes or showing them publicly in which case they'll be displayed in our archive and recent paste section.
Users may also wish to alter the duration of how long the paste shall be active from 10 minutes up to forever.
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Because we're dedicated to what we're doing.
We want to bring you something simple and user-friendly and that's exactly what is.
We have a lot of optionals but you don't need any of them, simple paste your code or script choose your language and post it.
It's simple it's short and it's catchy, what more can you want. Instead of typing out a 7-9 letter word and then .com, .de, .uk or what not it's name includes everything needed so why not.
Here at you currently have the choice of Public or Private pastes.
The differences are simple:
-Public pastes will be displayed for anyone to see, visible in the 'recent pastes' tab as well as in the archive
-Private pastes will not be listed at all, neither in 'archive', nor in the 'recent pastes', they can however be viewed by anyone with the correct link.
Deleting a paste is simple, that is if you have an account. Unregistered users do not have such privileges and may have to suffer the fate of having made a huge mistake.
You may however in urgent cases use the "report paste" function, depending on the situation and the evidence we may feel lenient to remove it.
For registered users however this is quite simple, once logged in visit your "my pastes" section, select the paste you wish to delete and confirm deletion.
You can move and remove the 'recent pastes' tab once you've signed up. Just visited the my settings page and adjust your settings.
You most certainly can. Just drop the line below in your command line and the paste will be downloaded into your current directory.
Yes we've even though of you dear curl user. Just drop the line below in your command line and the paste will be downloaded into your current directory.
curl -OL
We do, simply drop the line below to create a paste.
curl -F paste="content goes here"
Yes we do, simply drop the text file within the center or text area of and the text area will be filled with the content of your file. Drag & Drop is supported by FireFox, Chrome & Safari, other browsers haven't been tested.
Visit our contacts page and choose the appropriate link.
Yes we do. allows unregistered users to make 4 posts per minute and registered users up to 6 pastes per minute.
If a registered user however deems it necessary to post more than the set amount a reCAPTCHA will be called up to verify the authenticity of the user.
If we however still stumble upon spam that has in no way any significant relevance such as a bunch of random characters or numbers we will probably delete them.
Yes, simply send us an email via our contact form, tell us about the name, potentially a sample, and we'll have a look at adding it onto our list.
Mind that if the language is completely unknown we'll inform you on how to proceed.
While we encourage the use of we ask that users kindly respect other peoples work.

Unacceptable Behavior:
-Stolen or Copyrighted content
-Credit Card information
-Spam bots

We also do NOT encourage the posting of e-mail, password or personal information lists or links to pornographic content.
We would also kindly like to ask you to use the "private" paste function when posting sensitive material.
If your e-mail or personal information is found to be within a list posted on you can inquire about the removal of it via the 'report paste' button, proof will however be required for measures to be taken.
That's possible, our system is automated.
And will only in certain cases require manual input. If you think this to be an accident visit
The only real limitation is size.
While we do also restrict the frequency by which you paste it is only the size that can be increased via membership.

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