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TR-3B "ASTRA" Lockheed Martin
Welcome to the TR-3B:
There have been rumors for years that the secret military operations have incredible way forward in creating a military platform triangular structure defying gravity, derived from the technology of ET. 
The most exotic aerospace vehicle in the world and the secret is known as the TR-3B. Science fiction or fact, you say -you? High-ranking officers detailing the amazing cover-up carried out by the government MJ-12 committee and reveal for the first time ultra top-secret information about alien technology and reverse engineered the technology that we have developed Following the recovery of alien wrecks. . The TR-3B is NOT fiction and was built with the technology available in the mid 1980s or earlier. The triangular Aerospace equipped with a nuclear engine was developed under the Aurora program with the budget of black money. The Aurora program is a top secret program for advanced véhcules and was responsible for the development of SR 75, hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft which replaced the SR-71 and SR-74 SCRAMP, covering the back the SR-75. The first flight of the TR-3B, tactical reconnaissance aircraft took place in the early 90s . Technology has ensured the use of used reverse engineered from alien technology as well as SR-74 and SR-75 programs. 
The outer coating of the TR-3B responds to electrical stimulation and can change color, reflection absorbs radar waves, making the echo of the vehicle similar to a small plane and even allowing him to deceive the radar operators on the electronic signature of the echo (multiple vehicles at different locations). An accelerated plasma in a circular ring called "disruptor of the magnetic field" around the crew compartment and is far ahead of any imaginable technology. Sandia and Livermore laboratories developed the reverse engineered MFD technology. The government will protect this technology at any cost.
The MFD generates a vortex the magnetic field disrupted or neutralizes the effects of gravity on the mass close to 89 percent competition. This is not anti-gravity. The anti-gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for propulsion. The MFD creates a disruption of the magnetic field of the earth over the mass in the circular accelerator. The mass of the accelerator and the one included in the ring the accelerator, such as the crew capsule and the nuclear reactor, is reduced by 90%. This makes it very light vehicle and capable of performances and maneuvers an unprecedented level (with the exception of course UFO that we have not built) 
The TR-3 is a platform recognition with a time of unlimited flight. "Unlimited", because it uses a nuclear reactor as a power source.
Propelling the TR-3B is provided by three multimode thrusters mounted on each corner of the platform. The TR-3 is a vehicle that does not exceed Mach 9 and reaches 33 km above sea level and at this altitude, only God can know how fast it goes.!
Many triangular UFO sightings are well connected to the TR-3B. The NSA, NRO, CIA, and USAF have played a game with camouflage Air nomenclature, creating the TR-3, TR-3A modified on TR-3B, and Teir 2, 3, and 4, with suffixes 'more' or 'less', added to make it more confusing is that each of these names is a different aircraft and not the same aerospace vehicle. A TR-3B is as different from a Teir 3B as a banana from a bunch of grapes. Some of these vehicles have a crew and others are poor. 
Secrets of TR3B "Astra"
The Astra internal systems can be split into three distinct categories. First, its source of power that is supplied by nuclear reactors. Second, its antigravity propulsion system which cancels the mass and inertia of the device and ensures its vertical propulsion. Third, its propulsion system électromagnétohydrodynamique (EMHD) that provides its horizontal propulsion and generation of its combat plasma beams. 
The TR3B Astra needs to run about 600 megawatts of electricity. Each nuclear reactor that can produce a maximum of 220 megawatts, Astra has three reactors arranged one following the other in a chamber in an annular ring. Of sodium vapor, after a first reactor enters a second reactor where it is heated and accelerated again. By restoring its energy in the form of electricity in the MHD of the second tunnel reactor the sodium vapor cools and slows down before entering the third reactor. The enclosure containing the three reactors being closed-circuit this process is repeated indefinitely. The nuclear reactor core includes hollow fissile rods which heat the sodium vapor passing through them. These bars are not simple tubes but complex windings of metal sheets covered with uranium beads. These windings increase the contact surface between the sodium vapor and uranium which optimizes the heat transfer. By introducing or removing a number of deceleration bars it is possible to accurately control the reactor temperature. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, which designed the reactors, had to solve huge problems before they do work. 
The vertical drive Astra is provided by four MFD thrusters magnetic field switch, consuming about 600 megawatts each . Each propulsion MFD is made of high temperature superconducting windings in yttrium-barium copper oxide (YBCO). In operation, these propellants generate antigravity complex air ionization and standing wave phenomena. These phenomena explain the strange light, color may vary from red to white, and the occasional effects of "truncated lights" caused by "trapping" ionized air in beams standing waves. The antigravitational field generated by the magnetic field interrupter extends only over a few meters of the system. The areas of the fuselage of the Astra farthest from antigravity propulsion therefore retain 11% of their mass and inertia. The crew placed vertically central propellant, is when to him always weightless and therefore sees its mass and inertia totally canceled.
The three EMHD thrusters of the Astra, forming the sides of the triangular fuselage, consists of two distinct elements. The first is a resonant cavity of approximately cylindrical shape. The second is an ultraviolet laser power. In this cavity, the air is positively ionized (positively charged) by a stationary microwave beam and circular polarization. These waves are emitted at one end of the "cylinder" of the cavity and are reflected on a mirror at the other end. A series of reflectors forming the outer wall of the cavity and interspersed with "windows", amplifies the schemes oscillation of the standing wave system. This cavity thus created a line of positive electrical charge at very high energy. At mid-length of the cavity, a power laser (perhaps with nitrogen or free electrons) emits a beam of ultraviolet light perpendicular to the cavity. This laser beam is focused by an adaptive optics of 80 cm in diameter at any distance from the resonant cavity. The laser of ultraviolet radiation literally creates a conical tunnel and electrically conductive in the air. It thus forms a waveguide and a virtual electrode of negative electric charge. By sending an electric current is very high voltage at high frequency in the tunnel it is possible to concentrate a huge electric charge at the focal point of the laser beam.This forms the focal point to a negative electrical charge of plasma ball. The huge difference in potential between the "line" of positive electric charge of the resonant cavity and the "point" of negative electrical charge, the plasma ball creates an electrokinetic acceleration of the air between the fuselage and the plasma ball. The air, ionized and accelerated flows in a flattened cone and converging on the plasma ball. By moving the laser beam, so the plasma ball formed at the point of focus, orienting the direction of the electrokinetic propulsion. When the resonant cavity is not enabled, for example hovering, ultraviolet laser can be used alone and focusing the beam onto a target. The laser is focused onto the target, just send all the electrical energy available in the tunnel operator established in the air to materialize a high-energy plasma on the surface of the target.This is the secret of the plasma weapon of the Astra. This weapon plasma beam is effective up to 12 km away, beyond the atmosphere may disperse the beam. The Astra has three of these plasma cannons, one by the side of his triangular fuselage. Whatever the ultraviolet laser light is not visible under certain conditions ionised air surrounding the laser beam emits red and infrared light. This is why some witnesses saw this laser beam emitting red cross light.
Performance TR3B "Astra"
The three sides of the triangular fuselage TR3B Astra has a length of 34 m, the maximum thickness of the fuselage being 6 meters (landing gear retracted). A cylindrical cockpit eight meters in diameter is slightly above the top of the fuselage. The author feels the weight of the Astra at about 150 tons. The structure and the fuselage of the Astra are made mostly of titanium, some elements may be in composite silicon carbide. The maximum speed of the Astra varies the mode of propulsion and as flying in the atmosphere or in the vacuum of space. In EMHD horizontal propulsion in the lower atmosphere, the Astra can not exceed 9000 km / h (Mach 7.5). However, its horizontal velocity increases with altitude without that one knows by how much, however the author ventures to advance the hypothetical figure of 18 000 km / h.In the vertical propulsion, that is to say, n ' using its antigravity propulsion, the Astra can reach speeds of 20 000 km / h in the lower atmosphere and 100 000 km / h in a vacuum! To accelerate at such speeds horizontally, the Astra range MFD thrust engines positioned at three ends of its body which allows it to bow like a helicopter. It can even, for a small additional EMHD push, stand still any inclination hovering. For against the Astra suffers from a limit which he seems to escape all the specialists, is that he can not go more than a few tens of thousands of kilometers of land, which prohibited any interplanetary journey. This limit is that its antigravity engines operate by repulsion of a local ground, in this case the earth, so that its anti-gravitational thrust rapidly decreases away therefrom.
The Astra can however easily into orbit or traveling in near space around the earth. The Astra can not put the satellites in orbit because of its nuclear power generating enough just to its own operation and would not allow the carriage of a significant extra weight. For military missions, the TR3B has a minimum crew of four men. The crew consists of a pilot, an engineer combat systems and cons-measures, engineer in charge of thrusters and one engineer nuclear reactors. The author is not known how many passengers can be seated in the cockpit, but considering the size of it we can assume that it can accommodate a lot of people! Just look at the shape of the Astra to understand that the pilot has no external visibility. Therefore the driver and possibly other crew members, are equipped with a virtual helmet displaying an image to 360 degrees of the outside landscape. This panoramic image is captured by a plurality of cameras able to see all the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. In addition, the famous asymmetric bevelled nose contains a radar multi side scan mode, is capable of reproducing a photographic quality image of the environment. It also serves as a strategic radar recognition system. That's all we can say with accuracy TR3B Astra which is both a strategic reconnaissance vehicle and a combat vehicle.
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