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<Ispira> guys
<Ispira> do they still make capn crunch cereal
<Ispira> I want some now
<AlienPirate> yes
<Ispira> my friend started talking about capn crunch
<AlienPirate> crunch berries best
<Ispira> I gotta get some of that shit
<Ispira> I want like
<watatat> just get some beef jerky like a man
<Ispira> plain capn crunch
<Ispira> I AM NOT A MAN
<Ispira> I AM 17 
<Ispira> I AM A BOY
<watatat> beef jerky is for men cereal is for
<watatat> oh
<watatat> are you sure
<AlienPirate> quote Ispira pls
<watatat> a few months ago u were like 20
<Ispira> Wat
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