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How to identify a reptilian.
1. Look very close to tiny and unimportant details, person's mimics, facial expression, amount of blinking, lips moisturization, hand gestures, body language, and always listen to your inner intuition, make analysis and notes of what you feel, see, hear, say, while you're close to suspected lizard being. 
2. If a person is being lighted intensively bright upon face, you could view from another angle it's serpent slits on top of closed eyelids, when person blinks. This sighting is resembling viewing angle of a TV display.
3. If there are mirrors that distort percieved by you image minimally, look through them to see body features maximally clearly.
4. Look for people, even young, who wear sunglasses while it's not sunny weather, when there is no apparent reason to wear. Usually a reptilian wears shady black sunglasses to cover the malfunctions of it's half-mentally powered cloak appearing around in eye area and disallow recognition. 
5. Study human anatomy, reptile anatomy(since reptile people share same anatomy). 
6. To find a video, photograph, where you can spot shapeshifting, eye form shifting, query a search randomly or try listening to your subconcious for a query. The very first thing that comes to your mind - search it up.
7. Use principle "The quieter you become, the more you're able hear".
8. Find people, who you feel not think are always faking their empathy.
9. Take into a considiration, that a suspected person could be ill, drug induced, wearing contact lenses imitating reptilian eye.
10. Ask yourself out loud very specifically "how do i find a reptilian among people". You subconsious could give you an answer or a clue.
11. If you are a parent, listen more to young children, as child mostly has good mental sensitivity.
12. Improve your logic, associatiave and critical thinking. Never drop and ridicule presented evidence. Keep yourself open-minded to everything. Look from another perspective, if no evidence was found. 
Only you decide how you apply these steps.
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