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Testimony How I Came To Jesus From Devil Worship
When I was young going to church I was calling myself a Christian but not bearing fruits because I was stealing, having intimate relationships with many women, lying a lot, disobedient to my parents, listening to sinful music, sinful videos, fighting, prideful, cursed a lot, not caring about being holy, getting into trouble and many other sinful things. I was eventually given up to a reprobate mind. I had been a lukewarm Christian. 
 When I got around the age of 18 and 19 I started to get interested with demons and started learning a little about the Soloman's Seals while I was calling myself a Christian and listening to evil music which supports demonic doctrines and lifestyles. One day I had decided to give up Christianity, renounce Jesus and learn the dark arts and begin demon worship. I had fully committed myself to the demon that I was worshipping. After I had started to learn the dark arts my personality was beginning to change for the worse and I was starting to believe that my family, friends and other people where against me and I started to be much more aggressive towards everyone even to the point of disrespecting my grandparents whom loves me. I had begin to purposely deceive Christians and twisting the truth with lies, trying to lead Christians astray and convert them into Satanism and cause them to lose their faith. 
 One day while I driving I saw a truck beside of my car and had a feeling that it wanted to get over and if I stayed in my lane that it was going to hit me and at that time I wanted the truck to hit me for some reason and the truck came over into my lane and knocked my car over a rock and it flipped over in the air, landed upside and totaled my car. I believe that the demon who was possessing me had forced me to get hit and encouraged it before it happened to me by giving me euphoric feelings and a want for it to happen. After I had landed I had got out of the car with no injury but irritation on my arm due to the chemicals that was coming out of my car from the crash. When I had got out of my car I heard a lady tell me something similar to "God was with you" and with my mind puffed up I believed that the only reason that I survived it was because I was superior and really wasn't recognizing the fact that I could of have died, especially if the car had landed upside down. God had blessed me and loved me even after I had been an enemy against him. 
 Some days after the incident I was sitting on a chair in my apartment and heard a voice telling me to repent, repent, repent and I tried to ignore it at first but I had this feeling that the car crash was a warning and if I didn't repent that I was going to die and I had eventually gave up and repented of my sins to Jesus Christ. While I was in the situation of trying not to repent I believe that there was a spiritual warfare going on in my mind and in my apartment because how I was first resisting the voice. After I had repented of my sins I had saw a golden dove fly into my apartment and all the demons that where around in the room shrieked and backed away from the dove and I had felt peace and joy. I could see the demons because of the stuff I was doing that opened my eyes up to see them. 
 After I had repented of my sins I started to get mental attacks from demons telling me things trying to confuse me and lead me astray that seemed to work for a certain amount of days but the Lord Jesus Christ gave me strength to overcome and to make it out of the mental suppression. Thank you Jesus Christ for not giving up on me. Give your life to Jesus Christ because tommarow may be to late. Today is the day of salvation. 
 If you would like to repent of your sins and receive salvation say the prayer below with your mouth and follow Jesus and never give up on your spiritual walk with him. Don't Let Satan Take Your Crown. 
 Father God in heaven, I am a sinner and deserve destruction from breaking your laws, I recognize that I need a savior and to be washed clean from my sins, right now Father God I accept your Son Jesus Christ into my life and accept your gift of salvation, I believe that your Son Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and arose on the third day to pay the price for my sins, send your Holy Spirit into my heart and transform me right now, pour down your Holy Spirit into my soul and let me feel your love, power, and strength in my soul, lead me everyday in my walk, teach me how to live and give me strength to endure to the end, send down your Holy Angels to protect me from the evil one, thank you Jesus Christ for your gift of salvation and dying on the cross for my sins, in Jesus Christ name I pray Amen.
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