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[5:09:03 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): 1. Alast and I both feel Zeph and Bill do not like me. Nor do they seem to trust me.
[5:09:59 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): 2. It appears even when I talk to Alast about stuff for the server as soon as bill finds out about it Bill goes and changes it(Like the Weather sign in spawn for Sun for $500)
[5:11:07 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): 3. I have a feeling he's been talking to you about stuff I have done/changed and I'd like you to discuss anything that has been said about me with me so it can be changed. I don't mind critisism.
[5:13:31 PM] Stan  Limin: dude hey might be jealous becuase u have console power butas of anything else i dont know about...Bill only asked if the jonners thing if i oked it and i said yes. ..well i mentioned it.
[5:14:11 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Well tbh Alast isn't comfortable with bill being "Head Admin" because it seems the rank has come with an ego to him as well
[5:16:26 PM] Stan  Limin: we lately i think he is on another server cause zephy isnt around...he asked for a early bump i did it today and he didnt come on till around 2pm my time
[5:17:40 PM] Stan  Limin: really when something is being built for server we all decide on should be that way
[5:18:24 PM] Stan  Limin: its seems that is what u guys do on that staff
[5:19:00 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Well When Alast and I are ingame we use the staff channel there; Even when you're on
[5:19:25 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): but since bill hasn't been on the server lately it's been your finaly word with stuff
[5:20:21 PM] Stan  Limin: oh well dont want to swell your head but u and I know what u have done to this server...thats why u have those powers...
[5:21:11 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): I know and alast and I were talking about what I do for the server and that she likes how helpful I have been
[5:22:05 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): As I discussed with her earlier though, after I get my server up and going with a stable job i'll probably step down on your server since I have a impossible time managing my time lol
[5:22:55 PM] Stan  Limin: well lets not talk about that till last second...
[5:23:02 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Lol okay
[5:30:41 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Anyways, Thanks for taking the time to answer my concerns.
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