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Brittany Petros was born on September 9, 1974 in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.
Hair: Black
Weight: Large thigns a great deal of cellulite.
Bust Size: Tiny (AA size)
Face: Tons of wrinkles aging bad.
Other: Not married, is a virgin.
Brittany was the fourth contestant to be banished from Big Brother 1, leaving the house on day 57, despite being commonly referred to as the season's most favored contestant. Starting in 2003 she has had a recurring guest role in the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives, playing character Denise. She's also had guest appearances on Suspect: True Crime Stories in 2002, and Dead Last. Movies she's done include I-See-You.Com, 2005, Screech of the Decapitated in 2004, and Zombie Rights! in 2003.
Brittany has worked as a casting director for TV and film. She did casting work for The Lyon's Den (as an intern), Switched at Birth, Suspect and Dismissed, and also worked on the tv shows The New Normal, The Goodwin Games, Supergirl, Lethal Weapon Insecure and Never Have I Ever, the movies A Wrinkle in Time, Birds of Prey, The First Purge, Call of the Wild, Fatale, The Suicide Squad and Malignant.
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