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The FBI made a very good point. I\\\'ll add some useful tips that
any (real) Anonymous hacker should already know:
 1) Shut you\\\'re mouth or go to jail. Never ever give anyone on the
net personal information. Trust no one. Expect everyone to be feds.
 2) Never put personal information into the computer you use to hack.
If that computer is compromised or bugged and any personal information
is sitting somewhere to be found and stolen - off you go to prison.
 3) If you must \\\'register\\\' for a free service (like MEGA) best set up
random email accounts with no personal information! No contacts other
than the service you \\\'registered\\\' with , with all fake info of-course.
 4) Learn how to lie. You will do it often to cover you\\\'re tracks.
When you buy a computer, buy it at a local used computer shop somewhere
in a small hick town where no-one knows you. Always give out fake info
when asked: you\\\'re name is \\\'John Doe\\\' , you\\\'re phone is \\\'987-6655\\\' , etc.
 They will believe you and they will never see you again. Best stock up
on older computer systems as well, new ones have many more backdoors.
 5) Never ever have a camera attached to you\\\'re computer or laptop,
and if you have a microphone, it\\\'s best to disconnect it as well. You
must learn to minimize attack sectors used by spies to identify you.
 6) Disconnect from the internet when you don\\\'t use it  OR  plug the
internet into another honeypot computer with no real info what-so-ever
when you are finished doing what you have to do.
 7) Use Tor, use known trusted encryption techniques but remember, loose
lips will ALWAYS sink ships. Shut you\\\'re fucking mouth or go to jail.
 8) Never hack from you\\\'re own home network, ever. If you have so much as
ONE other family member in you\\\'re household - you\\\'re connection is exposed
to personal information related to YOU.
 9) Always have software you need on hardcopy. You never know if you\\\'ll
need it one day if something is no longer available to you.
 10) Think, scheme, plot before you do anything illegal. You better be damn
smart because you\\\'ll have to cover you\\\'re tracks and that takes some tricks.
 PS: I\\\'m not really a hacker, just a thinker. The FBI message was correct,
don\\\'t underestimate the feds - on the other hand, don\\\'t underestimate you\\\'re
own stupidity either - loose lips sink ships and laziness will serve you time.
 I do not recommend anyone do anything illegal - but, if you do, you better
be smart about it because you WILL go to jail if you act stupid.
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