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//=======================Start of the Story====================\\
mes "Argonians"
mes "We are argonians"
mes "bla bla bla"
mes "and some rumors that blaming different factions for making the argonians suffer from something"
menu here "You want to join us?" "Or" "Idk you decide"
// Story continues
mes "Really? you want to be one of us"
mes "Remember having a faction will inherit your freedom for example(you may not be able to join in different faction)"
mes "and there are some maps that is Faction vs Faction is enabled where you can kill each other except your same faction/tribe"
mes "But, being one of us.. Our leader will grant you extra super human power"
mes "for example(argonians are built to kill so they are focused more on Strength so it will be STR +50 since this is 500/70)"
mes "so some story to get these requirements";
menu "So are you sure?" "No too hard for me"
mes "Oh wow you are amazing, you completed those items!?"
mes "Ok, so Here is your reward"
end of the story for argonians.. Registration form Given ! 
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