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/* =============================================================
/* Crystal System
/* =============================================================
/* Version: v0.1
/* v0.1 - Original Script Created
/* =============================================================
/* Description
/* =============================================================
/* The Crystal System, is unique to AydenRO. It will allow,
/* players to break own, Aether Crystals, into small fragments
/* called Crystal Shards. These shards, will be the replacement
/* for all of Ragnarok's useable items, such as Pots, Flywings,
/* and other similar type items. However, each shard, is what I
/* like to call, 'Empty' or 'UnAttuned'. Players can Attune the
/* shards, by first storing [Spiritual Energy] inside of them
/* and visiting an Attunement NPC. Energy is stored when ever
/* a player defeats an enemy. Each shard, can hold up 1,000
/* points of Spiritual Energy. However each Attuned Shard,
/* requires multiple fully filled shards, to create the items
/* used in combat or otherwise. The more valuable the item,
/* the more shards, and energy is required.
/* =============================================================
/* Created By: Lionhardt (aka GmOcean)
/* ===========================================================*/
prontera,180,150,4  script  Crystal Researcher  952,{
    mes "Hey, what can I do for you?";
    if(select("Learn about Crystals:Nothing, just passing by.")==2){close;}
    mes "...";
    mes "...";
    mes "I see. Well, then where to start, I guess at the begining.";
    mes "First, you must know that, the Crystals we use in combat, and practice, are not their original form.";
    mes "What we use, are called,^0000FF [Crystal Shards]^000000. These shards, are fragmentations of what we call an^0000FF [Aether Crystal]^000000.";
    mes "Now from what we can understand, [Aether Crystals], is formed naturally around the world, from the collective concentration of^0000FF [Spiritual Energy]^000000 surrounding the immediate area.";
    mes "In other words, [Aether Crystals] are formed when [Spiritual Energy] is released into the air.";
    mes "This is done 2 different ways. The first way, is easier understood than the second, so we'll start with that first, obvoiously.";
    mes "So first off, when a monster is killed it releases all of it's remaining [Spiritual Energy] is released into the air around it. This is called,^0000FF [Spirit Releasing]^000000.";
    mes "Some find this odd, but it can properly explained when you realize, that each and every monster in existence, is a fragment of ^FF0000[Ayden's]^000000 power leaking into this world.";
    mes "Because of his immense malice, his power takes shape and creates what we now know as monsters. However, this does not determine the strength of each monster, because the power of each monster,";
    mes "is determined by the concentration of energy in the area, both from natural occurence, or from player contact.";
    mes "Which leads to the second way for [Spiritual Energy] to be released into the sky.";
    mes "Each and everyone of us, has something we call a,^0000FF [Spirit Well]^000000. The [Spirit Well], is something we are all born with, and can expand with our growth.";
    mes "These [Spirit Wells], serve one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to store vast amounts of [Spiritual Energy] inside of us. Some believe that the more [Spiritual Energy],";
    mes "you can store, the stronger you are. While this is true, it is also false. [Spiritual Energy] is in no way a direct determination of ones strength, but instead should be seen as,";
    mes "an ehancement of our physical power.";
    mes "When we use powerful Magic and Skills, it consumes the [Spiritual Energy] stored inside of us. When [Spiritual Energy] gets used up this way, it creates what we call,^0000FF [NegaEther]^000000.";
    mes "[NegaEther] is a deadly substance to all forms of life. However, some people have a higher resistance to it than others. But none-the-less, this explains why our attacks deal,";
    mes "much more damage to our opponents, when we channel our energy into it. Right now, your probably wondering why we produce [NegaEther] while monsters release pure un-altered [Spiritual Energy].";
    mes "Well, that is because we transform our [Spiritual Energy] into [NegaEther] using the [Aether] around us.";
    mes "This process is called,^0000FF [Spirit Conversion]^000000. When, [Spiritual Energy] is concentrated for an attack, its 'Positive' charges are released, leaving behind only the 'Negative' ones.";
    mes "However, the result of forcing out 'Positive' charges, allows for [Aether] to fill it's place. Though [Aether] as we have come to understand, holds neither, 'Positive' nor 'Negative' charges.";
    mes "[Aether] is an ehancer, and by expelling the 'Positive' porting of the energy, the [Aether] enhances the 'Negative' ones, creating, [NegaEther]. From this, we had to assume,";
    mes "that something this advanced needed to have an equalizer. Something of equal strength, but in the opposite form. Hence we discovered,^0000FF [Ether]^000000.";
    mes "[Ether] seems to be created when one uses abilities that would 'Heal' or 'Strengthen' oneself or another.";
    mes "It is only then that we can see when [Aether] is created. And that is when, both [Ether] and [NegaEther] mix together in high concentrations, that we can see the 'Crytalized' form,";
    mes "of the enhancement energy known as [Aether]. As soon as we discovered this, we began to research how we can use this new form of energy to our benefit, thus the start of the ^0000FF[Crystal Sytem]^000000.";
    mes "We discovered, that it was possible to take these [Aether Crystals] and break them down into smaller versions called, [Crystal Shards]. We than begain our research, and found of a way,";
    mes "to do what we call 'Attuning'. By storing vast amoutns of 'Pure Un-Altered' [Spiritual Energy] released from monsters, into the [Crystal Shards], we are able to Attune, the crystals to fit our needs.";
    mes "Be it, to 'Heal' our injuries, or to refill our 'Spirit Well', with this new system created, we finally have a means to defend ourselves, against the attacks of";
    mes "Ayden's monsterous army, and perhaps even a way to put an end to this war and an end to Ayden.";
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