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0x00000000:  SET_TEXTURE_STATE                 (0x0D) 0x000000
0x00000001:  SET_TEXTURE_STATE_UNRESOLVED      (0x74) 0x000000 0x00000000 0xB94048A8
0x00000004:  SET_TEXTURE                       (0x0C) 0x002000
0x00000005:  SET_TEXTURE_UNRESOLVED            (0x73) 0x000000 0x00000000 0xB94048A8
0x00000008:  SET_TEXTURE_STATE                 (0x0D) 0x000001
0x00000009:  SET_TEXTURE_STATE_UNRESOLVED      (0x74) 0x000000 0x00000001 0xCEAC6C98
0x0000000C:  SET_TEXTURE                       (0x0C) 0x002001
0x0000000D:  SET_TEXTURE_UNRESOLVED            (0x73) 0x000000 0x00000001 0xCEAC6C98
0x00000010:  SET_TEXTURE                       (0x0C) 0x002002
0x00000011:  SET_TEXTURE_UNRESOLVED            (0x73) 0x000000 0x00000002 0x7E9B51A4
0x00000014:  SET_TEXTURE                       (0x0C) 0x002003
0x00000015:  SET_TEXTURE_UNRESOLVED            (0x73) 0x000000 0x00000003 0x57FAA15D
0x00000018:  SET_TEXTURE_STATE                 (0x0D) 0x000002
0x00000019:  SET_TEXTURE_STATE_UNRESOLVED      (0x74) 0x000000 0x00000002 0xC146E09E
0x0000001C:  SET_TEXTURE                       (0x0C) 0x002004
0x0000001D:  SET_TEXTURE_UNRESOLVED            (0x73) 0x000000 0x00000004 0xC146E09E
0x00000020:  SET_TEXTURE_STATE                 (0x0D) 0x000003
0x00000021:  SET_TEXTURE_STATE_UNRESOLVED      (0x74) 0x000000 0x00000003 0x6458925D
0x00000024:  SET_TEXTURE                       (0x0C) 0x002005
0x00000025:  SET_TEXTURE_UNRESOLVED            (0x73) 0x000000 0x00000005 0x6458925D
0x00000028:  SET_TEXTURE                       (0x0C) 0x002006
0x00000029:  SET_TEXTURE_UNRESOLVED            (0x73) 0x000000 0x00000006 0x2527F6B1
0x0000002C:  SET_DRAW_STATE                    (0x0E) 0x01F80E 0x00020073
0x0000002E:  SET_SHADER_RUNTIME_PASS           (0x35) 0x000001 0xFD29593D
0x00000030:  SET_VERTEX_DECL                   (0x09) 0x000000
0x00000031:  SET_OFFSET_VERTEX_BUFFER          (0x25) 0x802800 0x00000000
0x00000033:  SET_OFFSET_INDEX_BUFFER           (0x41) 0x008002 0x00009435
0x00000035:  CMD_DRAW_INDEXED                  (0x08) 0x000003 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000450 0x00000000 0x000016AA
0x0000003B:  CMD_RET                           (0x01) 0x000000
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