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*sc_start   <effect type>,<ticks>,<value 1>{,<rate>,<flag>,<GID>};
*sc_start2  <effect type>,<ticks>,<value 1>,<value 2>{,<rate>,<flag>,<GID>};
*sc_start4  <effect type>,<ticks>,<value 1>,<value 2>,<value 3>,<value 4>{,<rate>,<flag>,<GID>};
*sc_end     <effect type>{,<GID>};
These commands give a character a status effect.  Optionally, <rate> and <flag> can be defined.
<effect type> is which status change to invoke.  This can be a number or SC name.
A list of these are in the file 'db/const.txt' with the 'SC_' prefix.
A number of <ticks> refers to how long the status change should last.  (1000 = 1 sec)
<value 1> is used on certain status changes, generally modifying player stats by
the given value or a percentage.
Optional value <rate> is on a scale of 0-10000, with 0 being no chance to invoke
the status change, and 10000 being 100% chance.  NPCs given a <rate> without
defining a flag will ignore the value.  However, items can be given a rate
and don't require a flag to be given for the rate to be ignored.
Optional value <flag> allows the setting of how the status change start should
be handled.  These can be added together like a configuration parameter.
   <flag>: *Default 2*
    1: Cannot be avoided (it has to start)
    2: Tick should not be reduced (by vit, luk, lv, etc)
    4: sc_data loaded, no value has to be altered.
    8: rate should not be reduced
<GID> will cause the status effect to appear on a specified character, instead of the
one attached to the running script.  This can only be defined after setting <rate> and <flag>.
Using sc_start2 or sc_start4, extra arguments are able to be given when an
effect can take them. Extra argument's meaning differs depending on the effect type, for
most effects caused by a player skill the extra argument means the level of the skill
that would have been used to create that effect, for others it might have no meaning
    // This would poison them for 10 min at 50% chance
    sc_start SC_Poison,600000,0,5000;
    // This will bless someone with Bless 10
    sc_start 10,240000,10;
    // elemental armor defense takes the following four values
    // val1 is the first element, val2 is the resistance to the element val1.
    // val3 is the second element, val4 is the resistance to said element.
    sc_start4 SC_DefEle,60000,Ele_Fire,20,Ele_Water,-15;
'sc_end' will remove a specified status effect. If SC_All is used (-1), it will
do a complete removal of all statuses (although permanent ones will re-apply).
You can see the full list of status effects caused by skills in 
'src/map/status.h' - they are currently not fully documented, but most of that 
should be rather obvious.
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