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Simple To Build Actual Working Units!!!  Some just using copper wire coils and magnets and a light bulb or LED!!!  I can't believe just how FREAKING EASY it is to build one of these babys!!!  And I have all of these electronic parts and alligator clip wires and magnets that have just been sitting in my Dad's basement for years!!!  What the freak is my problem?!!!  I KNEW deep down inside that this would work, and from watching some of those Youtube videos showing me just how (please pardon me, I have to go in the corner and cry for a while now)
You can build a Kapandze unit, and they DO work, but I really like the model the Russians have put together ---> they buried a car radiator in the vegetable garden, and a wire goes to the Kapandze coil, and the other wire from the other end of the coil is hooked up to the spigot outside, which is in turn connected to a vast network of iron pipes buried underground in their town or city somewhere in Russia ---> and they were pulling KILOVOLTS of electrical current out of that baby, lighting up a bank of lights!  And that is just Ground Current (or Telluric Current), which is one of the fundamental basics of Electrical Engineering.  Ground Current is just wasted, or eliminated, as if that is BAD Electricity, like wastewater effluent discharged into the river by an industrial manufacturing plant.  And you can use Ground Current to do stuff with it, like light up your house!  Here is Arizona the soil is usually dry, and often when I go get a sip of water from the drinking fountain at the Student Union, I get a little static shock on my lips.  So the electrical ground from all of the machinery and restaurant kitchen appliances, etc. is not dissipating too well...
But one Free Energy device I remember you can build, that WILL produce enough electricity to power one of those little lights inside the ceiling of your car, is to make a gigantic coil out of copper tubing, make it 8 feet long, and 6 feet wide, and maybe connect diodes and capacitors at the end of both wires, and a light bulb too.  Watch it light up!
One day when I was a teenager I went to the huge flea market on the edge of my hometown in Ohio, and I bought a little white plastic radio for a dollar.  I wish that I still had it, for it was a radio that didn't need batteries, and it still worked!  One wire had to be attached to a big piece of metal, according to the directions, and I listened to the earplug, and what do you know, IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!  That is called a crystal radio, for the radio station powers its operation, for when the radio signals hit a piece of metal, they turn into electricity!
FREE ENERGY 1.45 GB!qMhWXJiD!17ZwkhdnvrZopeuh3yQXf8YYqetxuZvU0zEdewsV0v0
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