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Fraternal Order of Police Data Dump
Update 1:
The following files were submitted to me through a confidential source, and have asked me to distribute it in the public interest.
I cannot guarantee the authenticity of all parts of the document, but I have been assured the source is credible.
Original Site:
Note to irritated members of law enforcement
Don't bother with legal threats or trying to get UK law enforcement to seek revenge. This is me playing nice.
If you want to go nuclear with me, feel free to do so, but trust me when I say you might want to think long and hard before you do.
I'm not known for bluffing, and I know many more of your secrets. About 18TB all in all actually, all unpublished yet.
"I dare you - I double dare you motherfucker" 
Encrypted Fields
There are some encrypted fields in the databases using pg_crypto. The key for it is "Nipper47". 
SHA1: 4678 8911 72D6 161B CE20 953F AFEF F04A 1AF9 CC84 
SHA256: FF44 DC12 174C 6288 95A0 2974 281C DFAA 4C97 3856 FE96 09A3 531A 29EE B034 6A09 
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-Cthulhu (@CthulhuSec) 
Date 28-01-2016
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