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eAmod is an extended project of eAthena, a Ragnarok Private Server Emulator, created by
Andres Garbanzo Mora, also known as Zephyrus, owner and administrator of eAthena Modifications,
Information about eAthena can be found at
eAthena is the base project of eAmod, and it works under GNU General Public License, and
everybody can read about it at
As eAthena is a "Free to change and distribute" project, as the license explains, eAmod isn't.
All the extra modifications to the source files, scripts, configurations and databases where
created only for commercial purposes, and to be sold on our website, and sometimes by authorized
Licenses owners can use eAmod files to mount their server(s). No limit in the amount of servers
as long as they belong to the License Owner. All authorized servers must be announced by the License
owner at
License owners are not allowed to distribute eAmod files, including any source file with eAmod
Modifications. All eAmod or modified files contains information about License.
This project is NOT PUBLIC.
More information, support or reports about illegal distribution of files, please contact:
  - MSN
  - Skype: Zephyrus_cr
  - Site:
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