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[23:10] <Aoi-chan> hi.
[23:10] <Aoi-chan> so can we get to the bottom of this already
[23:11] <~denpa> Since this apparently could not be contained to the staff channel, it will be made public instead
[23:11] <~denpa> So, I'll continue here
[23:11] <+Fyurie> make a channel
[23:11] <+Fyurie> ??????????
[23:11] <~denpa> no
[23:11] <~denpa> absolutely not
[23:11] <+Fyurie> then it's your fucking problem that it's public
[23:11] <+Fyurie> don't bitch
[23:12] <Aoi-chan> just get on with it already
[23:12] <~denpa> This is not a private matter
[23:12] <~denpa> So I'll continue now
[23:12] <~denpa> For your information, I did not force Areki to talk to me. I was trying to sort her shit out for her. She was (and probably is) failing uni
[23:13] <~denpa> From what I got out of duplex, he made it sound like it was all my fault 
[23:13] <Aoi-chan> this is all news to me
[23:13] <~denpa> And I know why, Areki must have pasted her log with me to him partially here and there and made herself look good. That’s what she always does anyways
[23:14] <Aoi-chan> okay
[23:14] <~denpa> She was playing her stupid game instead of studying. “It’s not fun having plans/schedules”, wtf is that?!
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[23:14] <Aoi-chan> alright
[23:14] <~denpa> Yeah I was obsessed about correcting her life, I tried to get her to talk to me so something would change
[23:14] <Aoi-chan> so thats on her
[23:14] <~denpa> I was trying my best to become her friend because I thought we had many things in common
[23:15] <~denpa> Then the shit about me trying to fuck her. Yeah I know you guys love to imagine yourself fucking
[23:15] <~denpa> But guys, I can’t even masturbate to Areki even if my life depends on it
[23:15] <~denpa> Look at her face and her personality. Her delusional princess/ojou-sama crap
[23:16] <duplex> bro
[23:16] <Aoi-chan> anything that was ever said about you hooking up with areki was purely a joke
[23:16] <duplex> what the fuck is wrong with you
[23:16] <~denpa> I tried to call her out on it many times. In what world does an ojou-sama live in a small, shared house?! 
[23:16] <Aoi-chan> it's obviously not going to happen
[23:16] <Aoi-chan> she lives in poland
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[23:16] <~denpa> I wanted to visit her just to freaking prove the point, I was going to visit my friend anyways
[23:16] <Aoi-chan> its delusional to even think you would actually do that
[23:17] <~denpa> I also wanted to visit her as a friend. So much of a friend she thought of me, pasting crap to duplex and blamed everything on me most likely
[23:17] <~denpa> If she didn’t want something she could have just said it and I wouldn’t even fucking bother her 
[23:17] <Aoi-chan> and did she say anything like that
[23:17] <Aoi-chan> but you tried to be a white knight
[23:17] <~denpa> The girl craves attention so badly that she needs to search for it on irc out of the lack of it in real life
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[23:18] <~denpa> If this caused you to think that my life purpose is an irc girl hunt, then your brains need to be checked
03[23:18] * QQwerty ( has joined #aki-chan
[23:18] <+Fyurie> no, that's your track record talking
[23:18] <Aoi-chan> precisely
[23:18] <~denpa> All this shit about being made into a fucking piece of joke while you guys knew nothing about me made me feel like crap
[23:18] <+Govna> eh don't we all come on irc to attention seek
[23:18] <QQwerty> gentlemen please
[23:19] <~denpa> Yeah I saw shit you tweeted. I just didn’t want to say anything about it
[23:19] <+Govna> and hasn't even in the gjm staff chan known you for years
[23:19] <+Govna> everyone
[23:19] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:19] <Aoi-chan> it isnt the first time
03[23:19] * chump58 ( has joined #aki-chan
[23:19] <Aoi-chan> you have areki
[23:19] <~denpa> But I’m tired of it guys. Think for once that if you were me in that situation, what would you feel? 
[23:19] <Aoi-chan> you have this crazy fillipino girl
03[23:19] * Seeder ( has joined #aki-chan
[23:19] <Aoi-chan> you tried with that one tumblr group
[23:19] <~denpa> After using me as material for your ego masturbation, you wanted me to tell you who told me this? 
[23:20] <Aoi-chan> obviously
[23:20] <~denpa> Does it even matter? Look at your pitiful logic and think again if I’ll ever respond to that
[23:20] <duplex> what's this shit about "blaming everything on you"?
[23:20] <Aoi-chan> it does matter
[23:20] <~denpa> Leave me alone. I have never done a thing to any of you
[23:20] <Aoi-chan> because i want this sorted out
[23:20] <Aoi-chan> and to be done with
[23:20] <~denpa> I’m sick and tired of it and I just want it to be over
[23:20] <+Govna> I think I have more of a reason than anyone
[23:20] <+Govna> just look at all the bad shows you made me sub
[23:20] <~denpa> So I suggest that this ends here. I‘ve told you my feelings about this
[23:21] <Aoi-chan> because "leaking staff logs" when i didn't and being upset because you make poor decisions with your love life is two way different things
[23:21] <~denpa> If you still want to continue making a joke out of me then I can't do anything about it
[23:21] <Aoi-chan> or you could just say who leaked logs
[23:21] <~denpa> But that's it, you’re not going to manipulate me to say anything about this anymore
[23:21] <duplex> pls respond
[23:21] <Aoi-chan> since this has kind of been the issue the whole time since it was brought to my attention
[23:21] <~denpa> I don't want any more pms about this
[23:21] <Aoi-chan> so you brought me in here to tell me you were obsessed about areki and that she pm'd duplex
[23:21] <Aoi-chan> great
[23:22] <Aoi-chan> nothing has been solved
[23:22] <duplex> blaming what on you???????
[23:22] <Aoi-chan> who is this directed at
[23:23] <~denpa> Everyone who participated. You duplex and Fyurie were the main ones I saw
[23:23] <Aoi-chan> participated in what
[23:23] <Aoi-chan> you're not answering the question
[23:23] <Aoi-chan> and in regards to being made fun of for liking someone on irc
[23:23] <Aoi-chan> who cares
[23:23] <Aoi-chan> i've liked many people on irc
[23:23] <Aoi-chan> liam, dover, vlvt
[23:23] <+Govna> did denpa send dick pics or something
[23:23] <Aoi-chan> if you're going to like someone, at least be proud of it
[23:24] <duplex> hello i am asking a question because i am seriously confused
[23:24] <Aoi-chan> who are you asking duplex
[23:24] <duplex> denpa
[23:24] <~denpa> That's all I'm going to say on the matter. If you're going to play oblivious that's your own fault
[23:24] <Aoi-chan> i'm not playing oblivious
[23:24] <Aoi-chan> i seriously dont know
[23:24] <+Fyurie> no, you're jsut being obtuse denpa
[23:25] <+Fyurie> if you want to see the end of this, stop beign a fucking bitch
[23:25] <Aoi-chan> i literally went through my logs, looked for every instance of denpa
[23:25] <Aoi-chan> and literally read them out on discord
[23:25] <duplex> i don't remember you being blamed for anything??????
[23:25] <+Fyurie> you're being intentionally vague and cryptic for no reason
[23:26] <Aoi-chan> you're treating this like the flint water crisis to avoid getting fired for something
[23:26] <Aoi-chan> just say it so we can move on
[23:26] <+Fyurie> either man up and talk properly... or be a beta bitch, stop talking in riddles, and forget this happen
[23:26] <Aoi-chan> this is the most absurd irc drama i have been involved in
[23:26] <+Fyurie> ed
[23:26] <+Govna> denpa sure does kick up a lot of drama, though
[23:27] <+Govna> before I started stalking him around irc I never saw anything like this!
[23:27] <+Fyurie> if you really wanted this to end, you'd stop being a baby and talk eye to eye
[23:27] <Aoi-chan> and you know what
[23:27] <+Fyurie> so you must want the attention
[23:27] <Aoi-chan> maybe when i said in staff that you use your fansub creds to pick up girls
[23:27] <Aoi-chan> maybe i was high
[23:27] <Aoi-chan> and for that
[23:27] <Aoi-chan> i am sorry
[23:27] <Aoi-chan> i do not remember
[23:27] <Aoi-chan> but i apologize
[23:28] <Aoi-chan> you asked me to stop making fun of you in public, and i did
[23:28] <Aoi-chan> staff channels are a whole 'nother world
[23:28] <Aoi-chan> and even then i rarely would talk about you
[23:28] <Aoi-chan> unless its something fansubbing related
[23:28] <Aoi-chan> or saying you pick bad shows to sub
[23:28] <Aoi-chan> so can you please
[23:28] <Aoi-chan> for the love of christ
[23:28] <Aoi-chan> answer the fucking question
[23:30] <Aoi-chan> am i seriously going to have to flood your nick
[23:30] <Aoi-chan> to respond
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <Aoi-chan> denpa
[23:31] <+Zypher> lol
[23:32] <~denpa> I already said I'm not saying any more on the matter, and that's final
[23:32] <+Govna> lol
[23:32] <Aoi-chan> then what was the point of dragging me here
[23:32] <~denpa> Thank you for the apology
[23:32] <~denpa> I thought it was obvious
[23:32] <Aoi-chan> no
[23:32] <Aoi-chan> it wasnt obvious
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> all you did was tell me you wanted to fix areki's problems
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> and thats wonderful
[23:33] <+Govna> if it's obtuse enough to cause drama it's probably not obvious
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> but that root of the problem is "Aoi-chan is leaking staff logs"
[23:33] <duplex> so nothing was accomplished here except denpa saying some really, really dumb things
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> so for the final time
[23:33] <duplex> nice
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> can you please tell me
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> where you heard of these "leaked staff logs" from
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> there isn't going to be retribution
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> there isn't going to be some sort of argument
[23:33] <Aoi-chan> i just want to know
[23:34] <+Govna> denpa you can't let a man like that hang in paranoia
[23:34] <+Govna> it kinda uh
[23:34] <~denpa> I am not taking sides in something that doesn't pertain to me. I already said that's final
[23:34] <+Govna> exacerbates thing in bad ways
[23:34] <Aoi-chan> so i can limit myself from speaking with them
[23:34] <Aoi-chan> how does it not pertain to you
[23:34] <Aoi-chan> this is literally a problem you created
[23:34] <QQwerty> you know nothing will change unless you talk, right, denpa?
[23:34] <~denpa> This is why I said I'm not saying any more on the matter. I refuse to be manipulated
[23:34] <~denpa> goodnight
[23:35] <QQwerty> no one is manipulating you
[23:35] <Aoi-chan> nobody is manipulating you
[23:35] <QQwerty> come on
[23:35] <Aoi-chan> you brought us all here to resolve the problem
[23:35] <Aoi-chan> and then did nothing to resolve it
[23:35] <QQwerty> you're sounding like a paranoid schizophrenic
[23:35] <Aoi-chan> stop being a child and just say what the fuck it is
[23:35] <Aoi-chan> man the fuck up
[23:35] <Aoi-chan> are you afraid you're going to be ~banned~ from whatever channel for saying who leaked logs
[23:35] <Aoi-chan> because its seriously not that important
[23:36] <Aoi-chan> compared to, i dunno, leaking encodes to another group
[23:36] <Aoi-chan> or leaking translations
[23:36] <Aoi-chan> or ftp details
[23:36] <+Govna> wasn't solaristics banned for that
[23:36] <QQwerty> what happened to that guy btw
[23:36] <+Eternal_Blizzard> Solar?
[23:36] <+Govna> idk they still appear in crymore
[23:36] <+Govna> I think
[23:36] <+Govna> last I looked.
[23:36] <Aoi-chan> i know shirt tried to leak vale or fnords tl for something to some shit group
[23:36] <QQwerty> I always assumed he died along with chyuu
[23:36] <+Eternal_Blizzard> He still edits
[23:36] <+Eternal_Blizzard> reluctanyly
[23:36] <+Eternal_Blizzard> *reluctantly
[23:36] <+Govna> well supposedly chyuu isn't dead
[23:36] <QQwerty> which group though
[23:37] <+Eternal_Blizzard> He's the Sins editor as of now apparently
[23:37] <+Fyurie> denpa
[23:37] <+Fyurie> for real now
[23:37] <+Fyurie> last fucking warning
[23:37] <+Fyurie> stop being a fucking idiot
[23:37] <+Fyurie> your logic is completely flawed
[23:37] <+Fyurie> for the some sort of clever person you're meant to be, you're sure as hell making a fucking retard of yourself
[23:38] <+Govna> maybe he's just too used to this kind of drama and is accustomed to people not really caring
[23:39] <+Fyurie> if you just brought us here to say what is essentially garbage
[23:39] <+Fyurie> I swear to god I am firing your ass
[23:39] <~denpa> All over some leaked logs?
[23:39] <Aoi-chan> please do
[23:39] <+Fyurie> you either end this drama that YOU are continuing
[23:39] <+Fyurie> or grow a fucking pair
[23:40] <~denpa> I keep saying, I have nothing to do with the leaked logs and I refuse to get involved with them
[23:40] <QQwerty> how about you tell us what the problem is then
[23:40] <+Fyurie> WHAT IS YOUR IQ MAN, 80
[23:40] <+Fyurie> GOD DAMN
[23:40] <+Fyurie> HOW ARE YOU
[23:40] <+Fyurie> NOT GETTING THIS
[23:40] <Aoi-chan> you literally texted me while i was driving to the store
[23:40] <Aoi-chan> so i went to the store
[23:40] <Aoi-chan> rushed to what i get
[23:40] <Aoi-chan> sped down 77 doing like 90
[23:40] <Aoi-chan> got here
[23:41] <Aoi-chan> and have been given this
[23:41] <~denpa> The issue I addressed is what's IN the leaked logs
[23:41] <~denpa> And how I will not be treated that way behind my back
[23:41] <Aoi-chan> nobody cares what is in the leaked logs because you aren't saying who leaked them
[23:41] <~denpa> It seriously pissed me off
[23:42] <Aoi-chan> i understand this
[23:42] <Aoi-chan> do you not realize the importance of leaking staff logs
[23:42] <Aoi-chan> its kind of why they exist
[23:42] <Aoi-chan> so people can talk in private
[23:42] <Aoi-chan> how do you not understand this
[23:42] <~denpa> So you can make fun of me behind my back?
[23:42] <~denpa> I will not be the laughing stock of commie anymore
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> so people can talk about anything that needs to be discussed in private
[23:43] <+Fyurie> this isn't just about you
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> spoilers: you do not revolve around the conversation of commie-staff 100% of the time
[23:43] <+Fyurie> yoiu egotistical fuck
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> i would know, i've been in there for 5 years
[23:43] <+Fyurie> I've been there two years, can cofirm
[23:43] <~denpa> My response was entirely addressed to the content of the leaked logs. That is what I'm pissed about
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> and i've spent time in real life with most of the staff members
[23:43] <+Fyurie> we don't give a shit
[23:43] <+Fyurie> about what's in the logs
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> THE
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> POINT
[23:43] <+Fyurie> we already know
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> IS
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> WHO
[23:43] <+Fyurie> what's in the logs
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> LEAKED
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> THE
[23:43] <Aoi-chan> LOGS
[23:44] <~denpa> And I have opted to abstain from the matter. Did you even read what I said?
[23:44] <~denpa> Are you seriously asking me to help you out? Honestly why do you imagine that I will?
[23:44] <~denpa> What part of that was not clear?
[23:44] <+Govna> cus you're their uh
[23:44] <+Fyurie> because this doesn't end until I fire your or you talk
[23:44] <+Govna> friend?
[23:44] <~denpa> It is completely illogical that I would help people who bully me
[23:44] <~denpa> behind my back
[23:44] <Aoi-chan> abstaining literally helps nothing
[23:44] <+Fyurie> THIS IS NOT
[23:44] <+Fyurie> ABOUT YOU
03[23:44] * vinylfreak89 ( has joined #aki-chan
[23:44] <vinylfreak89> denpa
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> listen to me
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> YOU singlehandedly are dragging this out now
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> (I've read the channel history to now)
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> I am your friend
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> but I don't like this kind of drama
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> yes
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> it was wrong for these guys to talk about you behind your back
[23:45] <~denpa> I want this to end now. That's what I said
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> I don't think anyone is denying this
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> what you don't realize
[23:45] <~denpa> Yes it was, and my response pertained to that
[23:45] <Aoi-chan> and you can end it by saying who leaked the logs
[23:45] <vinylfreak89> is the seriousness of this goes beyond you
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> I don't care what the content of the logs is
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> the fact is staff logs are being leaked
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> the very thing that killed kaylith
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> and that is a serious problem
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> that needs to be addressed
[23:46] <+Fyurie> potentially fromtweo staff channels, to add to that
[23:46] <+Fyurie> from two*
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> the important thing is that will not be tolerated
[23:46] <+Fyurie> we had to accuse Aoi of it, even, which we weren't happy about
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> so as much as you are a friend
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> if you impede the investigation of this
[23:46] <Aoi-chan> and i didnt even leak anything
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> I am fully in agreement of fyurie firing you
[23:46] <+Fyurie> we know that now, Aoi
[23:46] <vinylfreak89> and let me remind you
[23:47] <+Fyurie> and sorry for that, really
[23:47] <vinylfreak89> I vouched for you to be in GJM in the first place
[23:47] <+Fyurie> we only had circumstantial evidence to go on
[23:47] <Aoi-chan> i can literally do a find on all of my logs containing the word denpa and post it on imgur
[23:47] <vinylfreak89> its cool Aoi-chan we know this isn't you
[23:47] <vinylfreak89> again
[23:47] <Aoi-chan> i know
[23:47] <vinylfreak89> circumstantial evidence is a problem
[23:47] <Aoi-chan> i'm just saying
[23:47] <Aoi-chan> i just want this to be over
[23:47] <vinylfreak89> ^
[23:47] <Aoi-chan> and the only way this ends is either denpa acts like a child and doesn't say anything
[23:47] <vinylfreak89> you know how much I hate IRC drama
[23:48] <Aoi-chan> or i do something rash and leave the channel or put denpa on ignore
[23:48] <Aoi-chan> and i literally put nobody on ignore
[23:48] <vinylfreak89> denpa
[23:48] <Aoi-chan> and never leave channels i support
[23:48] <vinylfreak89> this ends in 1 of 2 ways
[23:48] <vinylfreak89> either you tell us who leaked you the information
[23:48] <vinylfreak89> and appropriate action is taken
[23:48] <~denpa> So I was being bullied behind my back, ran into some logs about it, and expect to partake in the investigation?!
[23:48] <vinylfreak89> or you get banned from GJM
[23:48] <vinylfreak89> its that simple
[23:49] <vinylfreak89> and there will be no second chance
[23:49] <Aoi-chan> you're the one who made this a situation in the first place
[23:49] <duplex> i like how this conversation has been going on for 40 minutes and literally nothing has moved forward
[23:49] <vinylfreak89> this is literally it
[23:49] <+Fyurie> I know, right, duplex
[23:49] <vinylfreak89> this is your last chance
[23:49] <~denpa> I'm appalled at this right now
[23:49] <vinylfreak89> because I'm honestly tired of it
[23:49] <~denpa> I'm tired of it too
[23:49] <+Fyurie> yes, denpa because this isn't only about you
[23:49] <duplex> from what i can tell, denpa just wanted to whine
[23:49] <+Fyurie> stop being so fucking selfish
[23:49] <~denpa> I responded to the fact that you bullied me behind my back
[23:49] <~denpa> that really hurts
[23:49] <vinylfreak89> [23:48] <+Fyurie> yes, denpa because this isn't only about you
[23:49] <Aoi-chan> and i apologized
[23:49] <+Fyurie> this is about 50+ people who can't talk privately about ANYTHING
[23:49] <vinylfreak89> and I think that has been ackowledged
[23:49] <Aoi-chan> i sincerely apologize
[23:49] <vinylfreak89> and apologized for
[23:50] <duplex> fwiw i was never convinced it was aoi
[23:50] <+Fyurie> nobody's said what we did was right
[23:50] <Aoi-chan> but nothing is going to change if we dont get to the root of the problem
[23:50] <+Govna> see you coulda just helped them out, making them happy. And then they'd have even mroe reason to not bully you?
[23:50] <+Govna> Cus you'd be the cool dude that helped out
[23:50] <duplex> actually i don't even really care who it is
[23:50] <+Govna> now you're the asshole that didn't want to help
[23:50] <Aoi-chan> so by not saying who it is, you constitute that leaking logs from staff channels is okay
[23:50] <~denpa> No
[23:50] <Aoi-chan> how does it not
[23:51] <Aoi-chan> is it magically okay to not reveal who did it because they were leaked to you
[23:51] <Aoi-chan> and you have INSIDER SOURCEZ
[23:51] <vinylfreak89> denpa listen to me as a friend
[23:51] <vinylfreak89> what you are doing now is making you seem very untrustworthy
[23:51] <+Fyurie> yeah duplex it was a slight reach at best, we never had anything on anyone besides relationships between people
[23:52] <~denpa> I do not want to be. I merely want to be treated like a person and not something to be laughed at
[23:52] <QQwerty> perhaps you guys should just give him that
[23:52] <+Fyurie> it's like you can't read
[23:52] <Aoi-chan> the problem is
[23:52] <QQwerty> and now, denpa, it's your turn
[23:52] <Aoi-chan> staff logs
[23:52] <Aoi-chan> are being leaked
[23:52] <QQwerty> pretty simple
[23:52] <vinylfreak89> that is a very serious problem
[23:52] <+Fyurie> this problem is bigger than you and us
[23:52] <~denpa> It's more like I don't feel I can trust you guys to actually stop bullying me behind my back
[23:53] <Aoi-chan> if you dont understand the importance of this, you shouldn't be in staff channels
[23:53] <vinylfreak89> let me be clear to all those involved
[23:53] <vinylfreak89> why I'm involved in this
[23:53] <vinylfreak89> it hasn't been publicly stated before
[23:53] <~denpa> I understand your point now
[23:53] <vinylfreak89> but i am fyurie's second in GJM
[23:53] <vinylfreak89> and I am doing what is in the best interest of the group right now
[23:53] <duplex> tbh after all the shit you just said i don't think anyone will treat you like a normal person
[23:53] <vinylfreak89> this has taken the  better part of both our evenings
[23:54] <duplex> just saying
[23:54] <~denpa> shit I said? I stood up for myself
[23:54] <vinylfreak89> denpa, I'm your friend but log leaking is something very serious
[23:54] <Aoi-chan> and im proud of you for that
[23:54] <vinylfreak89> and something that needs to be dealt with
[23:54] <Aoi-chan> but if you dont say who leaked the logs
[23:54] <Aoi-chan> nothing is going to change
[23:54] <Aoi-chan> except you being removed from the group
[23:54] <Aoi-chan> and tarnishing your already questionable reputation
[23:54] <+Fyurie> FYI, you're not the only person who's been given logs
[23:54] <vinylfreak89> denpa I hope you realize by you being stubborn on this it undermines what you did by standing up for yourself
[23:55] <Aoi-chan> enlighten us fyurie
03[23:55] * Jibboj ( has joined #aki-chan
[23:55] <Aoi-chan> who else has leaked staff logs
[23:55] <+Fyurie> someone in commie main got logs about them from commie staff
[23:55] <Aoi-chan> lol who
[23:55] <+Fyurie> we'll talk about that after, the point stands, though
[23:55] <duplex> unban me from main pls bb
[23:55] <+Fyurie> this is a significant problem
[23:56] <duplex> ;-)
[23:56] <~denpa> I understand what you are saying
[23:56] <Aoi-chan> i did pooplex
[23:59] <Aoi-chan> and he went away
[23:59] <Aoi-chan> looks like nothing is being resolved
[23:59] <+Fyurie> I mean, there's two outcomes to this
Session Time: Wed Feb 03 00:00:00 2016
[00:00] <+Fyurie> he tells us and we either deal with it or ignore it, depending on who they are and if they're in GJM
[00:00] <+Fyurie> or he gets fired for being nothing but an attention whore
[00:00] <Aoi-chan> its looking like the latter
[00:00] <+Fyurie> who is impeding a serious investigation
[00:01] <vinylfreak89> you have 24 hours denpa
[00:01] <vinylfreak89> if this isn't resolved by midnight tomorrow
[00:01] <~denpa> I didn't go away
[00:01] <~denpa> That's fine by me
[00:01] <vinylfreak89> you will be banned from GJM
[00:02] <vinylfreak89> are you asking to be banned?
[00:02] <Aoi-chan> looks like the question has been answered
[00:02] <~denpa> no
[00:02] <~denpa> I'm saying
[00:02] <~denpa> 24 hours is fine
[00:02] <vinylfreak89> ok
[00:02] <+Fyurie> you must really bbe loving this drama that you "wanted to end"
[00:02] <+Fyurie> coz it ends with a name
[00:02] <Aoi-chan> what the fuck difference does 24 hours make
[00:02] <+Fyurie> one that you are refusing to drop
[00:03] <Aoi-chan> just literally say the name
[00:03] <Aoi-chan> its not hard
[00:03] <~denpa> Again, the only thing I wanted to do here is assert that I will not be stood to be bullied behind my back
[00:03] <+Fyurie> and that's great
[00:03] <Aoi-chan> and we understand that
[00:03] <+Fyurie> but it's bigger than that
[00:03] <Aoi-chan> for the umpteenth time
[00:03] <Aoi-chan> there is a bigger problem
[00:03] <vinylfreak89> Aoi-chan no need to put pressure on people
[00:03] <~denpa> The problem is, this wouldn't have happened in the first place if you didn't bully me behind my back
[00:04] <+Fyurie> but it happened two weeks before you got logs
[00:04] <Aoi-chan> and i understand that
[00:04] <+Fyurie> I said that already
[00:04] <~denpa> oh
[00:04] <vinylfreak89> denpa, had it not happened for this
[00:04] <~denpa> I was completely unaware of that
[00:04] <vinylfreak89> it would've happned with someone else
[00:04] <~denpa> oh.............
[00:04] <vinylfreak89> the fact that you are dragging this out has brought a lot more attention (than probably necessary) to the issue
[00:04] <~denpa> oh...............
[00:05] <+Fyurie> we were all done with your part of it when you messaged us
[00:05] <+Fyurie> for real
[00:06] <~denpa> now I understand
[00:06] <Aoi-chan> so now that you understand
[00:06] <vinylfreak89> if you don't feel comfortable
[00:06] <Aoi-chan> can you please
[00:06] <vinylfreak89> posting the name in a public channel
[00:06] <vinylfreak89> feel free to PM one of us the name
[00:06] <Aoi-chan> tell at least somebody
[00:06] <vinylfreak89> (for obvious reasons)
[00:06] <+Govna> tell me
[00:06] <+Govna> I'll be your mediator
[00:06] <+Govna> totally
[00:07] <~denpa> Okay
[00:07] <~denpa> I will resolve everything tomorrow after work
01[00:07] <+CoolCo> It was totes me.
[00:07] <~denpa> sorry for missing the fact that prior logs were leaked
[00:07] <vinylfreak89> denpa
[00:08] <~denpa> but I believe this is unrelated to that
[00:08] <vinylfreak89> why are you continuing to drag this out
[00:08] <vinylfreak89> just give us a name
[00:08] <vinylfreak89> thats all we need from you
[00:08] <vinylfreak89> it literally takes 30 seconds
[00:08] <vinylfreak89> I gave you the 24 hours as a curtosey
[00:08] <Aoi-chan> this is literally to the point where you just want attention
03[00:09] * jbq (~jbq@im.totally.gonna.start.typesetting.last.season) has joined #aki-chan
02[00:10] * jabashque (~jabashque@im.totally.gonna.start.typesetting.last.season) Quit (Quit: leaving)
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[00:11] <jbq> Okay, because i want to actually have this conversation move on to the problems denpa has about you talking about him behind my back
[00:11] <jbq> i will admit that i sent him the logs pertaining to the shit they said about denpa
[00:11] <jbq> nothign more than that
[00:11] <jbq> idk where nbk got his logs from
[00:12] <jbq> but anyway, i plan to just stay here to see if the denpa thing will finally get resolved
[00:12] <jbq> and then i'm quiting rizon
[00:12] <jbq> and not coming back anymore after seeing how shitty this community can get
[00:12] <Aoi-chan> jbq, theres no point in quitting
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