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One of our skilled Chat Representatives will be with you in a moment.
Your Chat Session ID is RT7170481170.
Hello, my name is Jonathon. I’m happy to assist you with your question regarding your account.
How can I help you today?
you: Hello I got an email today saying that my account was de-enrolled for MyAccount; what exactly does this mean? I'm unable to sign into my verizon account also.
Jonathon: Oh no I know that can be upsetting when your account is de enrolled form my verizon I can take a look at the account to see what is going on and how we can get you back in
Jonathon: To better assist you, may I please have your full name as it appears on the account and your 10-digit mobile number?
you: Gunar Lowder 9126317176
you: If you need the account's ending numbers I can provide those instead
Jonathon: Gunar with the number you provided the account I pulled you are not  on the account I do apologize
you: Well I was a member of the account owned by Caleb Jenkins
Jonathon: I do apologize I know it can be upsetting but I am not able to give out account information to this account.
Jonathon: I would suggest getting with the account owner and talk with him and see the issue.
you: Well is there any way I can start a new account keeping my number? I've wanted to split from his account for a while now because his mom ran up our bill by knowing his social security number
Jonathon: Oh oh I know that can be upsetting I would suggest going to the verizon store or call in but you will need the account owner to be able to port your number to your own line but it is possible.
you: Now before he can do that will the bill need to be caught up? Because thats a $1300 phone bill.
Jonathon: No you will need the account to be caught up with no past due to port out a number
you: Then I'm royally screwed here either way.
Jonathon: I do apologize I know it can be upsetting But we offer many numbers and great single plans
you: Last question; Because my phone was a contract phone for 2 years can I resign the contract to a new account in which I keep my phone? I've had it for almost a year now and I'd hate to get a new one
Jonathon: Yes you can but the contract is tied to that line and to the phone you would have to get port out that number but we offer monthly payments on a device and no contracts to new customers
you: Is there anything I can do then? Because from what you just told me I will have to either get a new phone by paying even MORE money compared to how much I paid for the phone in the first place or hope that my cousin will eventually pay off the phone bill which will probably take him a year if not at all because he's that dumbfounded
Jonathon: I know it can be upsetting I do apologize I am not able to see into the account to look into depth But To use the phone if it is not out of contract you would have to port that number to another account or but to port the number there can be no past due
you: Wouldnt I be able to set up a new account and just buy a new simcard from you guys?
Jonathon: Its possible was your phone under contract?
you: Yes it was; My phone was a birthday present to me last year and my cousin added me to his account and my bill was $50/month; 35$ for the line and $15 monthly for the phone
Jonathon: So the phone was not paid off?
you: Not yet. I want to continue paying on it if I can keep it and switch to a new line. I really don't want to have to switch companies but if theres nothing verizon can do for me then I'm going to be forced to.
Jonathon: I do apologize I know it can be upsetting since you are not on the account I am not able to see what is going on but since you are not on the account the lines and everything are on your cousin whoever is the account holder
you: 3624-00001 This is the account ending numbers. I was on the account and had been in the past year.
Jonathon: Since the phone is not paid for if you try to activate it on another line it will not allow it
Jonathon: I do apologize with the number you provided me with it pulled the account and you are not listed on it.
you: Then I'm sorry to say but I'll be forced to switch companies since even though I want to stay with verizon you are not giving me any viable options to deal with this considering I paid my portion of the bill every month for the past year.
you: Thank you for screwing me out of hundreds of dollars.
Jonathon: I do apologize I know it can be upsetting but when there is a past due on the bill you are not able to port out numbers, We are not trying to mess anyone up or over it can be upsetting.
you: You're not helping by saying "I do apologize I know it can be upsetting" if anything that is rather annoying
Jonathon: We thank you for you paying the bill, We offer great plans for single lines and great phones.
Jonathon: Okay
you: How can I get in contact with a supervisor
Jonathon: One moment.
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