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pay_arche 59 150 -Gunther NPC #450
             “Eloise, my love, It is all for your own sake... <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sob.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/sob' />”
                          “I was out for a mission to help the others while my love ones are suffering from Valdus’ evil hands.”
              “Ernest, my buddy, and my family died on Valdus’ evil hands.”
              “What’s the use of my power?! I’m senseless and now hopeless.”
              “Wait… Eloise… Yes her, my love... I wonder what she is doing no... I hope she forgive me for what I did.”
              “After all I did, and even though she doesn’t remember me now, I know that our love for each other is much stronger than the power God gave me.”
              “I want to know how she is now... Can you find her on the human world?”
              “She’s inside on one of the buildings in Payon Town.”
              “What?!! I knew she’ll be like that… confused from everything!”
              “But believe me, I did that for her own sake!”
              “Oh Eloise… It’s all my fault!”
              “I had to find Valdus! But how can I help Eloise?! Ughhh!”
              “ Oh! Wait... Yes Clovis! Talk to him, he’s my friend... maybe he can help Eloise.”
              “Go inside the warp on the lower right of Payon Town map. Once you warped there, you will see the Maculopes tribe and the face of our God, Willow. Clovis is in the left eye of the Willow map. Go ahead and find him!”
              “Here’s the Beholder Ring, it’s the symbol of our friendship for him to know that you can be trusted. Give it to him and tell him to help Eloise.”
              “Now, I had to find and defeat Valdus and stop his evil works!”
                     *get item “2753 (Beholder_Ring)”*
               “You’ve seen Valdus? Where is he?”
               “I shall move now and kill him!”
                     *close window*
                             Open again “Valdus has been defeated! Thanks to you I found him! Though I’m weak now and got no power because Valdus is such a powerful Mascualopes. I had to rest to get my powers back.”
                             “I heard what happened to Clovis. What happened to Elie?”
                             “Elie’s back to Musculopes' place. Ask him what happened. And I... I shall....”
                             “......... <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/....gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/...' />”
payon_in03 33 192 -Eloise NPC#769
              “Why! Why I can’t remember anything?! Why am I in a half human half beast place when I woke up? What’s happening? Who am I?!!”
              “Urggg! Who are you?!!”
              “I don’t know you! I don’t know anybody from here!”
              “Please leave! LEAVE!!!”
              “You are back? I told you to leave right?! LEAVE...!!!”
                     “Give the Acti Potion?”
                                  */bzz close window*
                           “Yes, ‘Eloise you have to drink this for you to have your memory back!’”
                                  “This…? Seems fine, and I don’t care anymore if ever I die to this potion since I don’t remember anything in this world!”
                                  “Gulp… gulp…”
                                  “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhh!!! Uhhh!!!”
                                  “Gunther! Gunther my love!”
                                  “Gunther! Where is he! I need to see him! Ughh I can’t move my body uhhhh...... <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/Spin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/spin' />”  
              “Thank you for your help I’m Ok now and seems like I remember everything. I’ll be heading now to see Gunther. Again thank you for your help!”
pay_fild08 105 300 -Clovis NPC#455
              “We Masculopes are half human half beast though we’re harmless between humans!”
              “Mascualopes have been killed by a Masculopian too!”
              “Now tell me, Who am I gonna trust?! Who?!!!”
              “That Valdus is such a cold-blooded Masculope!”
                     “Give him the Beholder Ring?”
                                   * <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/pif.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/pif' /> close window*
                                  “Uh... Why do you have this ring?”
                                   “No way! Gunther?! Have you talked to him?”
                                   “Where is he? Is he ok? What did he told you?”
                                         “-He didn’t tell me anything, he just want me to give you this.”
                                                * <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/pif.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/pif' /> close window*[/size]
                                         “-He told me to tell you that Eloise needs help, and you are the only that can help her now.”
                                                “Eloise?! Oh yes his girlfriend who lost her memories.”
                                                “Gunther put all Eloise’s memories in that Evolved Cyclopes made by Krois. I have to look for Eloise and talk to her! I shall give her all the information she has to know!”
                                                “But wait… I can’t… I’m disabled and can’t even walk now because Valdus used his power to make me suffer because he knows that Gunther is a good friend of mine.”
                                                “Elie! He’s along with me; he’s near to the passage through the human world though he can’t go there without the Pass. Quick! He’s waiting for me. Tell him that I can’t go along with him because Valdus made me disabled.”
                                                “Here give this to him; he will need that to travel through the human world.”
                                                       *get item “7350 (Pass)”*
pay_fild08 42 82 -Elie NPC#454
             “Good luck Gunther, my good friend! Wherever you are, I hope you find and kill Valdus to stop his evil works...”
                        “Masculopes must love each other and never kill each other.”
                        “Give the Pass?”
                                    * <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/Sigh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/sigh' /> close window*
                                     “The passage through the human world! Only Clovis has this. Where is he?”
                                     “What? He’s also a victim of Valdus’ evil powers?”
                                     “No! This can’t be! Once Gunther find him, he will die for sure!”
                                     “I have to move. I’m heading now to the human world for Eloise and Gunther!”
                                     “You! Go help Gunther to find Valdus! I believe he’s on the same place where Gunther is.”
                                     "You can't see him without the item 'Blank Eyes[0]' with you."
                                     "Only that item will allow you to see Valdus' hidden evil body."
                                             *close window*
             “I found her and told her everything! But she seems like she does not believe on everything I say about Gunther and what’s happening!”
             “I think you are the only one who can help Eloise to get her memories back. Go ahead find the igloo. That’s where Krois hide with the Evolved Cyclopes along with Eloise’s memories.”
             “Be careful my friend. That igloo contains the evil coldness which you can’t resist.”
“Bring 1000x Fire Resist Potions (12118x1000) along with you. You will need it to fight the evil coldness!”
             “Good luck my friend! May Willow protect you on your way!”
pay_arche 59 150 -Valdus NPC#453
                 “With my evil powers I shall let everyone involve to Gunther must die and suffer! <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/gg.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/gg' />”
                 “Fool! Who are you to tell me what to do?!"
                  “Gunther won’t see me! I’m evil!”
                                "Give the Blank Eyes?"
                                                       *close window*
                                                       "Noooooooo! That eyeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!"
                                                       "Please I beg you! Don't tell Gunther I'm here! DOOOONNTT!!!"
ice_dun02 10 10 -Krois NPC#730
                 “Uh! Brains... brains... memories... memories...”
                 “You can’t enter my igloo without my permission!”
                       “Give 1000x Fire Resist Potions?”
                                      * <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/Sigh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/sigh' /> close window*
                                      “Well.. well.. You did escaped through my traps.”
                                      “Gunther is the first one, now you are the second.”
                                      “Tell me what do you need?”
                                             “-I need the Evolved Cyclopes where Eloise’s memories are hidden.”
                                                     “I can give you that; however, my Evolved Cyclopes will be destroyed once we transfer the memory back to Eloise because of the ritual.”
                                                     “I need you to bring me the items, 1x Cyclop’s Eye and 2x Horn of Tendrillion as a replace to the Evolved Cyclopes with Eloise memory.”
                 “Did you get the items?”
                               * <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/Sigh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/sigh' /> close window*
                               “Thank you! Now here take this and remember to give this to Eloise.”
                               “Eloise has to drink that Acti Potion, in order for me to start the ritual.”
                               “Once she drinks that Potion, she will remember the most important thing on her life; however, she’s not going to remember everything and will still be confused.”
                               “Remember that after Eloise drink that Acti Potion you have to come back to me with 50pcs Mixtures, 100pcs each of Yellow, White, and Red Potions on your inventory for us to finish the ritual, give Eloise a fully recovered memory, and make my new Evolved Cyclopes.”
                                            *Get item “12404 (Acti_Potion)”*
                         “Give him the 50x Mixtures, 100x Red Slim Potions, 100x White Slim Potions, and 100x Yellow Slim Potions?”
                                     *close window*
                                     “Finally! The Slim Potions and the Mixtures!”
                                     “Now, I can finish the ritual!”
                                     “Please step back, so I can concentrate.”
                                           *close window*
                                                   *Open again*
                                                           “Done! Check her if it works well.”    
                “Good to hear she’s ok now! And good to hear Gunther’s better as well!”
                “Here’s better news!”
                “While doing the ritual… My Evolved Cyclops hasn’t destroyed!”
                “So now I have two... But I know you deserve this more than I do.”
                “So here, take this Evolved Cyclopes, a good person like you deserves this. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/no1.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='/no1' />”
                        *Get item #(Evolved Cyclopes Eye)*
ice_dun02 10 10 -Krois NPC#730
      -If you don't have/incomplete the items, 1000x Fire Resist Potions and Cyclop's Eye, = death
      -If you have the items and done the quest smoothly
              "Finally!! Peace on the Willow land!"
              "Masculopes and humans can live now peacefully!"
              "Gunther, Clovis, Elie, and you! You all did a great job! May Willow blessed you!"
pay_arche 59 150 -Valdus NPC#453
      -Failure to get the Hokage's Sunglasses or uncomplete -[1] to -[5] = death
      -Once the Hokage's Sunglasses is given, the player is allowed to go straight to the NPC Gunther.
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