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sure, feels like a big number, but if we would talk real
[4:51:05 PM] Oxxy: atm Im giving very low prices...
[4:51:16 PM] Oxxy: you can check anybody with their topics at herc/ra forums
[4:51:17 PM] Emelie Holmberg: But what did dast mean by 10 dollar per week?
[4:51:25 PM] Oxxy: He said its too low
[4:51:29 PM] Oxxy: and as I said
[4:51:33 PM] Emelie Holmberg: he work 1 hour per week or ?
[4:51:35 PM] Oxxy: the price should depend not on weeks
[4:51:41 PM] Oxxy: and not on time either
[4:51:43 PM] Emelie Holmberg: He actually gave me that price in pm
[4:51:44 PM] Oxxy: but on the work done.
[4:51:47 PM] Oxxy: really?
[4:51:49 PM] Emelie Holmberg: 1-2 weeks ago :P
[4:51:50 PM] Emelie Holmberg: Yea
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