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* Bug Fixes *
        ` Ayothaya's king hat quest requirements has been fixed, incorrect id of army cap.
        ` Flapping Angel Wing's effect fixed, "Missing 3% Aspd"
        ` Flying evil wings's (Bug report: no effect) false report.
        ` Robo eye's effect, (Effect is working but need some explanation due to changes that rAthena made to some item bonus effect, the Atk+2% is working but it won't show in our Status tab since we don't use bonus bAtkRate anymore instead we used bonus bAddClass all < bAddClass all added a n% damage to all types of enemies so if the n% is set to 2 it will add additional 2% damage to all enemies type.)
        ` Frost Joker, False report > SC_FREEZE,(15+5*skill_lv) this is from the source of frost joker 15+5*skill lvl was already set on the source of frost joker,
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