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Experience of ghostrappy - Life in Ghostworld
Tracklist - Gloryhole Tutorial stands out right away. Soundcloud asks me to 'Consent' in their cookie interstitial, which i struggle with in context. Not sure I'm ready to consent to anything. smoke crack masturbate followed by smoke cigarettes and gamble gives me the idea that this could be relatable. we've all had those days.
Starting in on the album - certainly more cheerful/upbeat in tone than i was expecting! I wan't to know what these voiceovers are from. Title track leans in the regrets expressed in the intro. Maybe not too much regret though, as he wants to keep with the crack in the afterlife.
smoke crack and masturbate is the first track that *really* gives me the russian folk music vibes. its v good. intro to smoke cigarettes and gamble is giving me retro game midi vibes, and some of the verse lyrics actually whip (then as a man every man for himself, let those wolves die in the bramble).
life on the line has the narration sample track i desperatly want again. 
Belle of the ball - starts to sound almost like a found-sounds/aleatoric style composition, with his beats underneath. I don't think they'd appreciated the comparison, but there's a bit of The Books in here. I'm getting the promised Al Queada recordings now, and they work.
Yeah real big dick is the most *this* of *this* so far (whatever this is) - it feels like we've been building to this. the album is acutaly working as an album not just a set of tracks. followed by pocket full of stones which is something i'd listen to unironically and even share without too many warnings. but yeah make sure its just to that track, warnings are needed again for such a pitty.
Armegeddons a blast describes what is it turns out a more relatable fantasy than what I was expecting. Here I thought I'd get that from the gambling track. It's also just a nice beat for rapping over. This guy clearly has ... taste (maybe not the right word).
Overall really impressed, its a shame looking at the play counts most people bail after smoke crack and masturbate - its good but the album really hits its stride in the second half. love the samples and the aesthetic he builds. would be hard to listen to casually but as an end-to-end experience i enjoyed it and would listen again.
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