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I wanted to apologize for the recent events on the server. There was several incidents that happened:
A player had been selling, for real life money, a Ghostring Card. A player in Avalanche reported this, while wrong and a bad decision, and I decided to give the reporter the Ghostring Card. Completely wrong and I really am sorry.
I had hired my cousin who had started the server with Euphy and I, again. Little did I know, until tonight, she had been doing corrupt things on her Game Master account. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that she had been using my Game Master account and I am taking full responsibility for those actions.
In regards to the MVP cards dropped on her GM account, they were not looted (as far as I've checked). Right after they were dropped, a @cleanmap was initiated a few seconds later. I'll be working all night to go through all of the logs and ensure I haven't missed anything.
I had allowed a few players to purchase an Umbala Spirit after the cut-off date. That was bad judgment on my part. They were unable to buy it in the window of selling and I decided to let them the following Monday. I apologize for this. The parties involved were not people I knew on a personal level, just several players PMing me about it.
I apologize for the selling of an Umbala Spirit. I was told several times to not implement them and I did on a whim due to a demand from a few players. It was a ridiculous implementation and I apologize for this.
As far as I'm aware, the staff isn't quitting. Snowy, the staff and I have spoken about everything. I got really upset tonight because I wasn't aware of a majority of this corruption that was happening behind my back. The giving of the Ghostring Card was corruption on my part and it wasn't acceptable. It was a terrible mistake on my part and I really, really am sorry. I've yet to actually cry in front of the staff, but this was a first. I will be very busy over the next few weeks making sure these issues are cleaned up and we're on a positive track.
I'm going to take a step-back from getting involved directly in player affairs. I'll admit, I get wrapped up in the joking and banter in-game. There is many situations where I act out-of-line and that's not respectful.
Lastly, I wanted to apologize to my staff. I really love each and every one of them. The thought of losing any of them was... horrible.
As it's hard to write this, in my current state of mind, I'll add on to this later. I just wanted to make sure an announcement was up and you all knew exactly the mistakes and problems I caused. This is a lesson learned and I'll be working my ___ off to restore confidence from the community and staff.
Thank you,
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