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Players & Staff,
As of today, I noticed we're 12 reviews short of being the #1 Mid Rate, once again, on Rate My Server. DivinityRO lead the RMS Mid Rate listing for a long period of time. Unfortunately, a former Administrator had violated the RMS Terms of Service, many months back, and we were forced to re-create our listing per the RMS guidelines. At this point, we've built a stronger reputation through making the player's experience the best possible. Our recent reviews have really motivated the staff, whether negative or positive, and helped us shape the server. We've surely learned to constructively take criticism and use it to our advantage. 
If you haven't left us a review, please kindly take a few minutes to leave a review on the following link below.
Here's to the potential of being #1 on Rate My Server once more!
Best regards,
CLICK HERE to Review us on Rate My Server
P.S. On an unrelated note, thank you so much everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday today! I'm 22 years old. I really appreciate the kind words and messages I've received from players. You guys are amazing and I'll keep DivinityRO afloat promising integrity and a motivated staff team to continue to keep us fair, entertaining, and fun!
Per the RMS ToS we're NOT allowed to bribe, force or reward for anything review related. All reviews must be authentic and created with no benefit to the player from the server/staff. Any questions or concerns regarding our RMS page may be directed towards Cookie via Private Message. I am the only point of contact for anything RMS related and none of the DivinityRO staff team has authorization to respond on my behalf.
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