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Well, yes, it's true that a religious feeling is a bit more than belief.  Faith is probably a better word.  And yes, we are coming at this from almost "opposite" (though that's debatable) directions, but shouldn't that be a good thing?  That would mean we're meeting in the middle.  There is no guarantee either of us is right- in fact, we both have a 1/4,2000th chance.  4,2000 religions in the world today, and two of us in two very different ones that still both fall into the same category.
However, you also just proved my first point with your second paragraph.   That all comes from your personal belief system.  I don't think otherkin is an issue nor unhealthy; psychiatrists are only ever against it in isolated cases with those who were already neurodivergent.  You also literally said "I believe".  Not that I'm against you being Christian at all.  I admire your faith.  People tend to offer their own beliefs as fact, though, as you do in this article and in your comment- "'s not to do with identity..."  
I'm not really interested in reading your bible, sorry.  I just remember some things from Sunday school when I was a little one.
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