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How The Fascists Plan To Destroy America By The End of 2015
Here is their overall plan:
 (1) When the new FCC laws come into effect, this will set up
highly regulated (as well in many cases, restricted) access.
Many people will no longer be able to afford their service
anymore - which in fact, is the plan. To slowdown and choke
communication between the American people and the world.
Sadly this is only the first step.
 (2) The Obama regime will force through (WITHOUT approval
from Congress which is treason and against the law) the Trans 
Pacific Partnership (TPP).  This will highly regulate and choke 
off imported goods into the United States, and purposely triple 
the cost of assets and commodities - including energy. This will 
also set up a de-facto fascist corporate dictatorship void of law - 
and that is just the tip of the iceberg - they plan to fully ban 
ammunition imports, etc!
 Under the TPP, corporations can demand governments change their
laws and impose massive sanctions on countries if they don't comply.
 (3) The CIA is purposely starting proxy wars around the Middle
East - this is where World War III will begin. The Obama regime
has purged all the high-level brass from military leadership, a
now effective coup to bring about the end of our military strategy
and trust within the ranks. The Obama regime understands and knows
full well that the US has been set up to LOSE World War III.
 (4) China and Russia are exempted from the fascist TPP. They
will not be strangled by this fascist corporate coup - in fact,
they have been set up to be the beneficiaries of such treason.
China and Russia are well prepared to go to war with the US and
have even been re-assured by Obama that they will win World War III.
 (5) When World War III plays out, and it gets hot, this overthrown
government of the United States has been preparing for war against
those who have warned about this - against the preppers - against
anyone who stands in the way of their planned World War and their
planned destruction of the United States.
The overall plan, I have been warned about, is to destroy the US.
 The "New World Order" was the massive transfer of wealth to China,
therefore China and Russia are set to become the new super-powers.
In this "Brave New World" America will no longer exist ... it will
become an isolated Third World country from which is to be exploited
without mercy by the next super powers which (you guessed it) will
also become united with these fascists. Prepare for guerrilla warfare.
In the meantime, print all the evidence out. The internet is doomed.
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