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/*= Type 1 [Nightmare-Mode]
        In this version of Devil's Square, once the amount of players have joined, that's it. 
        You won't be able to continue going back inside of Devil Square once you die, after entering and Devil Square starts, it will be closed. 
        All other players won't be able to join, and it's up to all the players to either complete Devil Square or die and not be able to come back in.
        If no players enter in the timeframe, it will cancel out the event.
        Also counts up the Max amount of Users when they enter Devil's Square. Once the Max Users have been established, no one else can join, and then it's just up to that team of people!
        Once all the Players have died and warped out of the event, it will announce that all the users who entered have failed Victory in Devil Square, and the event will be reset.
/*= Difference in Type 2:
        In this version when you die and get warped out, if you hurry up you'll be able to come back into Devil Square again. 
        NOTE: You WILL have to REPAY the amount of Zeny to re-enter.
        Since players can die, and repay/pay at anytime to join inside the event, there's no need to cancel out the event if no one joins.
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