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- Removal of old team wars due to some conflicts on script.
(this is the main reason why the maintenance took so long)
- Addition of New "TeamWars" Party Battle Manager(for more info please visit the npc near the private mvp room warper)
- Fixed Disguise NPC
- Run your patchers to see what's new on the item description regarding the itemlist below:
1) Black Valkyrie Shoes(Added effect"Sleep Resistance 70%")
2) Black Valkyrie Shied(Added effect"Stone Curse Resistance 70%")
3) Red Valkyrie Shoes(Added effect"Sleep Resistance 60%")
4) Red Valkyrie Shied(Added effect"Stone Curse Resistance 60%")
Attempting to fix the "Gravity Error" Just run your patchers and please(everyone help us) to monitor if this solution that we've made will solve the error that we are experiencing everyday..
Thank you,
Best Regards GMTEAM
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