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<LESHIK> need help in Custom Status Icon
<LESHIK> I'm added a custom status icon, and it not showing in the game.
<LESHIK> in serverside: modify status.c added - StatusIconChangeTable[SC_PNEUMA] = SI_PNEUMA;
<LESHIK> in status.h added - SI_PNEUMA = 738,
<LESHIK> in clientside: efstids.lua , added EFST_PNEUMA = 738,
<LESHIK> in the data/texture/effect i'm added pneuma.tga
<LESHIK> added it in GRF files. server-side i'm compiling.
<LESHIK> start server, go to Pneuma position, and i not Pneuma image(in right menu status icons)
<LESHIK> sry bad english )
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