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It Is Time To Prepare For Full-blown Draconian Internet Censorship
Thanks to the worst president in America's history - and I still consider
the last president George W. Bush as one of the worst - we will now see our
internet freedom slip away. Many people will not have the money to pay the
new internet taxes and therefore will loose their internet services. This is
the same kind of attack this current regime in the White House ushered against
our healthcare system - and I've been talking with friends, some who supported
"Obamacare" now even they admit that our healthcare system is utterly broken.
"Broken and beyond repair" : now they will do the same to the internet we love.
Here is a set of tactics you should have already put to use:
 (1) Backup EVERYTHING to hardcopy. Whether it be software, to operating systems,
to media, discographies to films or radio shows, you need to be backing up anything
you desire to have - because come soon, you may loose you're internet connection
due to high costs of Obama's online taxation plan.
 (2) Buy old-school DVD players - and prepare to watch you're films via DVDs,
you may no longer be able to access Netflix or Popcorn Time. Prepare by using
tools like DVD Shrink to rip you're favorite films. (Don't buy brand new TVs
that are made to spy on you - if they want to cut off you're internet access,
then cut off their ability to spy on you too).
 (3) Print out important information when it comes to you're prepping. You
want to have physical access to information to fall back on in times of need.
 (4) Buy firearms and ammunition: tons. I can promise you one thing, when the
fascists finally ruin the nation's capability to communicate and to learn
what's going on, they are going to take full advantage without mercy. If they
can stifle the publication of their tyranny - you better expect full-blown
tyranny as a result - because these kind of fascists are going to bring it,
and bring it hard! Be fully prepared to defend yourself, which you have the
right to do, and you have a duty to protect you're family too!
 We now live in a police state that victimizes children, so if you don't think
these goons would be more than happy to torture and kill you then you better
take you're head out you're ass and learn what has been happening quick.
 I have always stated "if the power goes out, and does not go back on, prepare
for war."  Well, now the internet is a utility of power, so I do mean it here
as well.
 (5) If you can't communicate online, start waking up you're neighbors. Form
unity with you're *TRUSTED* neighbors, warn them about the financial crisis,
talk to them about how this current regime in power wants to fully disarm
the American people to usurp the land and resources to sell off as collateral
for the debt to China. Talk to them about how vulnerable we are and tell them
we need to prepare for the coming crisis now unfolding.
 JUST A WARNING HERE: Don't trust all you're neighbors, some of these people
may be stubborn and set in their own ways and scaring these kinds of nitwits
will only backfire if they call the gestapo on you. Some people are zombies,
let them consume their TV and do expect those kinds of people to go ape-shit
when Shit Hits The Fan. Those are the nitwits you will have to defend you're
stockpiles from when a real crisis occurs.
 (6) Talking about stockpiles: buy any last items you need for survival that
are sold on the internet while you can. Take advantage of this access because
in the near future you may not have access to these providers anymore!
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