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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <title> Review</title>
        <h1> Thank you for helping me out.</h1>
        <h1><strong> Please follow the instructions below</h1></strong>
                        <li> Please visit and 'Register' under the Community box in the RIGHT SIDE.</li>
                        <li> Please select 'Server Player Registration' and use a valid e-mail to verify.</li>
                        <li> Once you have registered and confirm your e-mail, please log-in to the as Server Player.</li>
                        <li> Lastly, please search for 'Spark Ragnarok Online' under the Search button. It will say Server Name Containing </li>
                        <li> Please scroll below and click the button 'Write Review'.</li>
        <h2><strong> What to write in the review - Please mix the words up. </h2></strong>
                        <li> Please talk about the stability of the server being great or very stable </li>
                        <li> Mention about the friendliness of the owner and the people </li>
                        <li> Talk about the gameplay of PvP and that it is very balance. </li>
                        <li> Say that you never got bored of the server </li>
                        <li> Lastly, say that invite other players to join this server asap </li>
        <p> Please leave your game name or game tag in your review. </p>
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