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If you ever play on any online games, the main server sometimes creates a 'patch' for their client.
In Ragnarok Online, we can use the same thing to patch our clients.
In RagnaHosting, we give you a fully configured Thor Patcher.
To use it, just open the ThorMaker.exe/ThorGenerator.exe and select the file/folder you want to deliver to your players.
If you don't have ThorMaker.exe/ThorGenerator.exe, download it first from here
Then specify the directory/grf name, then put a name on your patch to make it easier for you to recognize your own patches.
After that, the ThorMaker will made a .thor file, you can use your own FTP app or use our web based from our site to upload your patch to /public_html/patch/data then edit /public_html/patch/patchlist.txt to include the changes, so your patcher will download the patches from the server then apply it on every players.
Here's how to update your patchlist.txt:
and so on...
Note: Under normal circumstances, the correct file to upload is the .thor files, not the .grf (unless you want to send your patches as a file).
EDIT: Some people asked some more questions to our Support Team, so we decided to modify this knowledgebase and added some more useful information for our customers.
How to make single file patch:
1. Open your ThorMaker.exe/ThorGenerator.exe
2. Specify the output target. (Ex: C:\Folder\01.thor)
3. Select as 'RO-GRF', then specify your target filename + extension (Ex: PoringRO.grf)
4. On the 'Input', select 'Single File'
5. Select the file you want to patch
6. Select Compression = High, Options = Unicode
7. Click the Generate button
8. Specify the output path, this would mean the location your file will be placed inside the GRF (Ex: data/texture)
9. Upload your generated .thor file into your Webhosting -> public_html/patch/data
10. Edit your 'patchlist.txt' on your Webhosting -> public_html/patch
Q: When should I make a single file patch?
A: If you only update 1 file, for example you wanted to upload an updated accname.lub/lua, then you will use this method. On step #5 you will have to select your accname.lub, then on step #8, you will have to input data\luafiles514\lua files\datainfo
Q: How to deliver a patch, but I don't want to merge it into my GRF?
A: For example you want to make a file readme.txt on your client root folder, then on step #3 you will have to select as 'File' instead of as 'RO-GRF', then on step #8 you can select [root] or another location you want.
Q: I have new/edited files that is more than 1, do I have to deliver them one by one?
A: You don't have to, because you can deliver them on 1 .thor patch at once. First, you have to recreate the folder structure like the one inside your GRF, so for example if you want to deliver new textures, you will have to create a /data/texture/xxxxx folder first on your PC, then put your textures inside it. After your local folder is ready, take a look on step #4 then select as 'Directory', then navigate to your created folder and be sure to select the /data/ folder. Step #3 will be 'RO-GRF' and 'YourRO.grf', unless you want the new textures to be placed on data folder instead (not merged into your GRF).
Q: What's the difference between File and RO-GRF (on step #3)?
A: File means your patch won't be merged into GRF, while RO-GRF means it will be merged into specified .grf
Q: What's the difference between Directory and Single File (on step #4)?
A: Directory means you can deliver multiple files and folder at once, while Single File means you only deliver 1 file at one time.
Q: I made mistake when making a patch, can I just delete the wrong .thor file on the patchlist.txt?
A: Obviously you can, but it's not recommended, because you wouldn't know if one of your players have downloaded the patch or not, if you are sure that no one downloaded the wrong patch file yet, then you can safely delete it. Otherwise it's better to make another patch as correction to overwrite the wrong one.
Q: Do I need to edit other configuration, or run another program to make a patch?
A: No, you only need to run and use the ThorMaker.exe/ThorGenerator.exe
Q: What does Patcher & Game EXE means?
A: You only have to use this option if you are updating the Patcher or the Game.exe itself. You are free to use your own custom-made Patcher or Game.exe to your players, but you should know how to configure them and the consequences that may arise from improper configurations, RagnaHosting will not be responsible for that.
Q: Can you help me to update my items/custom maps/custom textures/others?
A: Unfortunately those kind of customizations are outside of RagnaHosting's service, however you might submit a Support Ticket and ask for Paid Service (if applicable).
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