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Howdy trick or treaters!
It's come to the month of spookyness, frights, and surprises!
We want to fill you in on what is going to be coming to ReverieRO soon!
So sit down.. enjoy your holiday candy.. and rock on!
[size=14pt][b]Server Hardware:[/b]
[/size][spoiler][center]You may have known the server has been lagging constantly for the past few weeks.. So we took immediate consideration into what needs to be done! So.. without further saying.. Here it is guys![/center][/spoiler]
[b]- Xeon E3 1230 3.2 GHz (8 Cores With HT) with 8GB RAM & 100mbps unmetered lines!
- DDoS Protected & Harmony as always![/b]
[size=14pt][b]War Of Emperium:[/b]
[/size][spoiler][center]We've noticed a constant weekly increase in our WoE population! But thats just half of the world! Most eastern hemisphere players cannot play during WoE due to the time! So why not? Competition is good right! Expect this [b]coming soon![/b][/center][/spoiler]
[b]- Saturdays at 8:00-9:00 AM Server Time at castle: Sacred Altar!
[/size][spoiler][center]After almost two months since our last post.. You can now suggest more hats! Who doesn't love hats! I mean come on! You can suggest hats here: [/center][/spoiler]
[b]- Headgear Quests
- Headgear Shop Items
- Headgear Mob Drops[/b]
[size=14pt][b]Newbie Guides:[/b]
[/size][spoiler][center]It's really hard starting at a server that you have no clue about! So.. a guide is a necessity for a server and the new players joining![/center][/spoiler]
[b]- Newbie Guide!
[/size][spoiler][center]Halloween is a big holiday and is celebrated everywhere! So why not at ReverieRO?! Throughout the month.. expect fun events.. challenging quests.. and a really really really big surprise at the end![/center][/spoiler]
- Pumpkin Carving Contest
- Elite Squad
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