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TheDerpySupport - Today at 2:19 PM
Hey Max; I know its kinda funny when you "ignore" me during streams but would you mind answering just a bit more often? It doesnt feel great when I try for an hour or two to get your attention just for simple questions even though you say you "read" them. During the stream with your brother playing Quiplash I tried getting in for the last three rounds of the night and no luck; Even JennaGwen who had just gotten back got in. I dont care if you dont answer me all the time  but even "sometime" would be better.
gassymexican - Today at 5:28 PM
I gotcha, I do my best to try and include people. But one thing you must understand is the content that I put out (that is to say the entertainment value of the stream) is king.
That is always priority
Including mods and friends in viewer games is always something I like to do when I'm doing it, but including everyone all the time is just simply not always possible.
TheDerpySupport - Today at 5:28 PM
Yeah I understand that but regarding what you said to me before "I cant get attached to my mods"; Some of them I can see that you are
gassymexican - Today at 5:29 PM
I understand what you're saying and will try my best to include you
TheDerpySupport - Today at 5:29 PM
Anyways thanks for replying; and I appreciate the effort
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