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Experience rates:
- Something like 6x.
- Experience based rates, up to 10x. Lasting two weeks for specified maps that don't get too much love. This way people will have more variety where they can level up and be worth it, also it would empty some maps that are too crowded. This idea was directly taken from EternityRO where it was really popular.
Drop rates:
- Something like 10x. Make people get gear for better leveling up, instead of the other way around.
- Algoritmic drops, you already know why.
- Seed of fortune (I'm really proud of this to be honest, and I want to see it implemented in a real server. Also it's very easy to code).
        What is it? An usable item that, for 20 minutes, doubles the drops (not the chance!) of a monster. So every item drop is calculated twice.
        How to get it? Everytime a monster is killed, there would be a chance to get seed of fortune if it's killed by a party of 3 or more. MVP will have a way bigger chance (something like 30% for lower level mvp and 100% for greater ones). And, of course, as reward in battleground. The idea is that you get one seed of fortune for every 20 or 30 min, stadistically.
        Why implement it? It's the perfect balance for casual gaming. Instead of hunting a card for 2 hours, you could really play RO 1 hour (mvp'ing, partying or bg'ing) and grind just 1 hour.
        Wouldn't it be bad for the economy? No! Because you're already using algorithmic drops. It's the perfect system to stabilize the economy and make everyone grind a lot less for cards, woe consumables or items they would need.
- Cost based healer (modified inns are best! I like it more than a healer npc just in the middle of the town. So artificial :( ). The simpler the better, instead of something weird like the previous ggRO.
        0-30 -> Free?
        30-50 -> 1k
        50-75 -> 3k
        75-99 -> 5k
- Cost based warper, but reduced. Don't make people look for workarounds, everywhere for 1,200z. 600z for level < 50. 
- Vending tax, default value.
- Cash Mounts for zeny. Seriously, why nobody thinks about adding these goddies? They look cool, they are not in the standard RO and they don't have any advantage over a non mounted player. Disable it in pvp/woe/bg. It could have a monthly cost of 1,000,000z
Game play:
- Warp portal enabled everywhere instead of MVP maps. Like it was years ago.
... More suggestions to come!
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