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[6/8/2015 7:44:25 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Peach wanna read what I just sent to stan?
[6/8/2015 7:45:49 PM] Peachczar: sure what’s it about
[6/8/2015 7:46:06 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): [5:15:20 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): btw I'd like to talk to you about something important
[5:16:06 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): It seems I was informed last night that a few players are leaving the server due to a issue with the staff
[6:06:47 PM] Stan  Limin: What for
[6:07:04 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Too many staff, not enough players
[6:08:07 PM] Stan  Limin: Well we get at least 1 player per day so they can leave
[6:09:19 PM] Stan  Limin: Who saying this or they just mad they didn't get staff
[6:09:56 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Emsulton or w/e her name is, jello, and whoever else jello is hiding
[6:12:05 PM] Stan  Limin: Ya em wanted jrmod and same with jello ...jello skyped me last night complaing about farmer getting...jello said em should have got it
[6:12:42 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Well honestly when I got back I thought there was a bit too many staff also
[6:18:49 PM] Stan  Limin: Well let's think big
[6:21:00 PM] Stan  Limin: Remember who asked for a special someone to be jrmod
[6:21:17 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): I know.
[6:22:33 PM] Stan  Limin: I only made the jrmod rank because the younger players they would have never gotten rank
[6:23:19 PM] Stan  Limin: That's why it seems like so much staff
[6:25:56 PM] Stan  Limin: We have been doing well with recruiting newbies I think
[7:35:52 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Well what about slimming down the higher ranks?
[7:37:14 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): As much as I've been on the past month I dont see ijlego, cynical, nor plasmonstor on that much and when they are(cynical and plas) they're on for like 1-2 hours maybe a little more within a weeks time
[7:38:04 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Ijlego stays on for a few hours but I dont see him in chat doing much; half the time he's wanting to expand paris even more
[7:38:59 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): I'm not saying you have to bump people up, just slim it down to the people who get on daily or atleast every other day
[7:42:36 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Ecko and nerr are the two majorly active admins and spam is really the only active mod right now
[6/8/2015 7:47:56 PM] Peachczar: Nothing we do is ever gonna make everyone happy, If there’s too many staff on at once ppl will complain and be jealous, if no staff is on ppl will complain and grief and wreak havoc
[6/8/2015 7:48:27 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): But thats what I mean by slimming it down. removing 3 people will still leave 9.
[6/8/2015 7:48:31 PM] Peachczar: Although i do agree that plas has not been on very much
[6/8/2015 7:49:35 PM] Peachczar: does anyone have ij’s Skype?
[6/8/2015 7:49:38 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Jello, emsulton and whoever else dislike so many staff members. Emsul wants it back like it was when we had 6-7 staff
[6/8/2015 7:50:01 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Not counting the jrmods, removing ijlego, plas, and cyn would make that happen
[6/8/2015 7:50:57 PM] Peachczar: ok, as long as they realize that the less staff there are, the harder things can get for other staff members because the server is still growing
[6/8/2015 7:51:06 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): But thats just it
[6/8/2015 7:51:29 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Ecko, Nerr, Myself, and spam along with the jr mods we have now are some of the most active right now
[6/8/2015 7:51:58 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): And with so few players at this point in time it would okay to be just us 4(not counting jrmods) to manage the server
[6/8/2015 7:53:09 PM] Peachczar: true and yes when its quiet like this i have no problem with a small amount of staff looking after things
[6/8/2015 7:53:50 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): and in all honesty to add on to what I said about ijlego, all I have noticed since I got back is how much he expanded paris with creative lol
[6/8/2015 7:54:31 PM] Peachczar: well, he does have a huge town
[6/8/2015 7:54:49 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Can I show you ingame what paris was before I left?
[6/8/2015 7:55:01 PM] Peachczar: sure
[6/8/2015 7:55:32 PM] Peachczar: you’re invis btw
[6/8/2015 7:55:35 PM] Peachczar: lol
[6/8/2015 7:56:11 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Thats the size of paris before I left.
[6/8/2015 7:56:16 PM] Peachczar: ok
[6/8/2015 7:56:46 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): This huge map is what its become lol
[6/8/2015 7:57:02 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Now explain how he managed that in the month-2 months I was gone
[6/8/2015 7:57:16 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): specifically with those buildings of full iron blocks
[6/8/2015 7:57:43 PM] Peachczar: well, my town was partially made in creative...
[6/8/2015 7:57:54 PM] Peachczar: but the houses are all player built
[6/8/2015 7:58:05 PM] Peachczar: and its not huge like my last one
[6/8/2015 7:58:09 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Well terraforming/paths are one thing lol
[6/8/2015 7:58:31 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): like let me show you my current project
[6/8/2015 7:58:35 PM] Peachczar: k
[6/8/2015 7:59:01 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): This is going to be a taiga-plains biome
[6/8/2015 7:59:09 PM] Peachczar: yea you told me lol
[6/8/2015 7:59:15 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): I'm terraforming it in creative to speed up the process
[6/8/2015 7:59:22 PM] Peachczar: ok
[6/8/2015 7:59:26 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): everything else will be built in survival
[6/8/2015 8:00:31 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): but anyways thanks for listening on my reasonings; I honestly wouldnt mind the staff ranks to be like they USED to be lol
[6/8/2015 8:00:44 PM] Peachczar: np
[6/8/2015 8:01:04 PM] Peachczar: we’re just trying new things and experimenting
[6/8/2015 8:01:10 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Before creative use was prohibited except for server builds for admins etc..
[6/8/2015 8:01:36 PM] Peachczar: ah
[6/8/2015 8:01:54 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Before we had 2 admins, 1 tech, 2-3 mods
[6/8/2015 8:02:01 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): well 3 admins
[6/8/2015 8:02:05 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): but it shrunk lol.
[6/8/2015 8:02:13 PM] Peachczar: yea
[6/8/2015 8:02:26 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Now we have a mighty number of 12 staff members
[6/8/2015 8:02:32 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): For so little players
[6/8/2015 8:02:44 PM] Peachczar: that is quite a bit of staff
[6/8/2015 8:02:55 PM] Peachczar: but not all of them are on at the same time
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