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I had a dream last night, that I think was a warning to spiritually prepare for what is coming
I never remember dreams, but this one is unforgettable.
I was out camping by myself in a hilly area. It was raining, so I pitched the tent much much higher than the river just in case the water level went up. And I had a CB type walkie talkie radio. A friend had a matching radio, and he warned me over the radio that no matter how high above the river level I put the tent, that I had to pull up stakes and move higher. And I was comfortable, and I told him I had the tent 30 feet higher than the river and there was no way it would ever rise that much and I laid there for a while. He radioed again and said NO MATTER HOW SAFE YOU THINK YOU ARE, MOVE TO HIGHER GROUND NOW
He sounded serious, and I thought "Maybe he knows somthing I do not know about" so I got out, rolled the tent in a ball and started walking up the hill. For some reason, the rain did not bother me at all, moving to higher ground just seemed to be the right thing to do. Suddenly, where I had the tent before, (where I believed everything was safe), a wall of water went through, and the river started rising extremely rapidly. The water started coming over the hill in front of me even as I ran to get over it. I managed to run sideways on the hill to have it go around me, and as I got to the flat land at the top of the hill, 80 feet higher than I was with the tent originally, six inches or so of water went over my feet. It all then just went away, I looked behind me and there was no flood, it was only a wall of water that went through that lasted at most a minute or two.
And then I got the message: That is what the coming spiritual storm is going to be like. It is going to be brief and severe, and no matter how high you think you are spiritually, MOVE TO HIGHER GROUND. The storm is approaching rapidly and there is absolutely no time left to rest, and if you do not seek higher ground NOW, you will be lost.
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