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Hi there, I'm Jovanny and I'm going to talk about my dad.
His name is Gastón and he is 68 years old. He is overall a chilled man. He likes to watch TV on his bedroom, specially sports-related content, and listening the radio. He works at a park, where he does gardening 9 to 5. He takes care of all the plants, trees and everything that he can take care of. His routine consists of waking up early at 7 o' clock to turn on the radio then feed our cat. After he is dressed up he goes to his work at 8 o' clock. After 4 PM he gets home to lunch. Once he's finished, he drinks a cup of tea and goes to his bedroom to watch TV until dinner. Finally, after having a busy day, he goes to bed at 11 o' clock to repeat his routine for another day until Sunday. 
And that's my dad. Hope that you'll find his life interesting. Thanks for listening!
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