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FBI Raid Dream
Dream Begins:  I fell asleep on a rug in a vacant lot near this huge airport, which is in the middle of Phoenix.  I dreamed that I was in this trailer park in a Southern state, standing outside my trailer on the street with a few other neighbors.  This UPS truck pulls up to the side of my trailer, by the driveway.  I bang on the door of the truck, yelling, “Where’s my package?!!”  Instead of seeing the UPS driver inside, I see an officer instead.  Looking through the middle door behind the driver, I see the truck is full of officers instead of packages.  Shocked, and puzzled, I go to the back of the UPS truck, and look inside.  No Packages.  It is full of officers!  The truck drives around the block, then the driver gets the correct location this time for my address, then pulls up to my trailer, and all these FBI agents barge out and storm into my trailer.  A little while later they spread this large tarp on the ground next to my trailer, and start spreading out and organizing all of my computer equipment and many flash drives and stuff on it. 
I awake from this shocking nightmare to the sound of distant airport jet noise, and am comforted by the sound of the cricket chirping nearby.  Whew!  Thank God it was only a dream, and my hand bag with all of my computer equipment inside was my pillow during the night. WHAT A RELIEF- WHEW!!!  WOW, WHAT A FRIGHTFUL WARNING!!!  All my hard drives, they were all still right there, no agents around, no loss, just me all alone there in that vacant lot, all of my computer equipment and files were still right there!  It is best for me to remain a free agent, having no residence for them to track me down to.  I am still free to do God’s will and get the message out and work while there is still time!
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