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"Time-zoning": Nothing is more important than time.
A lot of people think the most valuable thing a person has to offer is sex.
But I don’t agree with this. The most valuable thing any human being has to offer is their time.
Regardless of gender. We all get a limited amount of time. When it’s gone, it’s just gone. There is a finite amount in the entire universe. If you look at money… for some, it’s basically infinite. Sex? For some, it can be basically infinite. The same is true of knowledge. The same is true of physical strength. We have some control over so many things. Yet time continues to tick on. Unyielding.
So many of us do, or used to, think of a relationship without sex as some sort of consolation prize. That if the person doesn’t offer that form of intimacy, then it means we are inferior.
It is not so. Not at all.
A person may say “I want to be special and have a unique connection to that person.” Or even just wanting validation or pride.” But what can be more intimate, more exclusive, than a person’s time? It’s like they are cutting out a piece of their soul for you. Actually sacrificing. Sex does not always require any particular sacrifice.
Further: When you ask “who gets the most time”... the answer may not be the same as the person who “gets the most sex”. So, I leave you with this question:
If you can appeal in either way to a person, would you prefer to have what they can give out effectively infinitely, or be valued and provided something that we all have precious little of?
Remember this the next time someone you get along with, and spend time with... “rejects” you.
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