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Title: Coffee & Links: 06/29/14
Date: 2014-06-29 09:00
Category: Coffee & Exposition
Tags: weekly reads
Slug: weekly-reads-06292014
Author: Santosh Sankar
Summary: A selection of articles from around the web focused on business, tech, product management, entrepreneurship, leadership, VC, growth and angel investing.
So I took a week off the former "No One Likes to Read Boring Things" while I was prepping and starting to transition to [Digital Ocean]( -- yes it includes my referral code. Note that I said former- while the name was great, I thought it was too long, so from now on, I hope every can enjoy "Coffee & Links". Even if this not explicitly say that the content is interesting (not boring), it should be taken as a known. Nothing worse than reading something dry, boring or irrelevant. On that note, I hope you enjoy this week's reads.
![Stained glass at Local 121 in Providence, RI](/../../../../images/local121.jpg)
1. [All Side Projects Should Be "Silly"]( An inspiring interview from Tobias van Schneider, Head of Design, Spotify that set me to really rethink my side projects, ideas and approach to developing my skill set. 
2. ["F'in" Up Innovation]( This was my favorite perspective of the week from Semil Shah. As soon as the FAA release their opinion on drones, I felt the same way and voiced it in a rather harsh way on Facebook. It's great they carved out a clause for AMZN but why limit the hobbyist or tinkerer? Innovation happens accidentally and in the evolving world we live in, the everyday citizen can help drive that.
3. ["3 Minute Technique" for Product Development](  In my side project, I have essentially taken on the role to guide to product along with our team. Given I am inexperienced, this helps to frame the way I think and drive the roadmap and vision of what we are trying to create. 
4. [Ben Evans On A "Free" Android and the Amazon Fire "Fork"]( Worth reading to understand Android in general, forking as well as the "free" paradigm and the "red tape" associated with Android. 
5. [A Review of Google Cardboard]( Google's approach at product development is great here. Without ramping out (to our knowledge) an extensive effort on VR, they simply leveraged existing technology and put the onus of assembling hardware (in the form of cardboard, magnets and rubber bands) on the customer. Check out the review, it seems to be pretty nifty and for a cost of $25, it might be a cheap and easy weekend activity. Who knows, maybe the community can help take it to the next level. 
Have a great Sunday!
*Picture: Stained glass at [Local 121]( in Providence- excellent brunch! Taken by Santosh Sankar using the Samsung Galaxy S4. Instagram filtered.*
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