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[5:25:21 PM] Keya: What about swearing? Because I get a lot of sass about how much people can swear
[5:25:33 PM] Keya: ^Agreed
[5:26:08 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Personally for that I just give everyone warnings unless they are swearing in every or every other sentence
[5:26:19 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): same for caps
[5:27:20 PM] Biss01: I got so tired of caps warning since players spam caps in chat we should just make like a 2 minute mute as a warning it gets annoying
[5:27:22 PM] Keya: Alright because Ive warned Fay like 600 times alright XD
[5:27:52 PM] Keya: I feel like warning gets ignored a lot ex.) Willham getting all pissy with me because I warned him about swearing
[5:28:24 PM] Biss01: Talking back 2 staff should be a kick it gets annoying
[5:28:33 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Well I temp banned him for 3 days because of everything thats happened in the past 2 days
[5:28:46 PM] Keya: True and agreed for the kick
[5:29:18 PM] Keya: Theres also the matter of griefing/stealing and how long then span for
[5:30:50 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Well...if its caught in the act I warn; if its less than 10 blocks/items temp ban; If caught in the act and still going after warn its insta ban; anything over 10 blocks/items found later its a ban
[5:30:56 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): ^Atleast thats what I do
[5:31:41 PM] Keya: But what if the items are more valuable that get stolen?
[5:32:01 PM] Keya: I feel that any sort of stealing ispretty bad >.<
[5:32:08 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): ^
[5:32:39 PM] Biss01: Greifing should be perm ban, Stealing 3-4 days first time 2nd perm
[5:56:02 PM] Biss01: hacking is permban right?
[5:56:07 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): yes
[5:56:16 PM] richard chester: yup
[5:56:22 PM] Biss01: exploiting?
[5:56:27 PM] richard chester: yup
[5:56:53 PM] Biss01: what is punishment for begging for item and ranks mute?
[5:57:00 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Yeah
[5:57:51 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): I'd say 5 minute mute for first; 30m mute for 2nd; and 1h mute for 3rd; anything after that would be tempban
[5:57:13 PM] Biss01: bad pvp?
[5:57:36 PM] richard chester: temp ban 1st offence 1 day
[5:58:02 PM] richard chester: pemaban aftarwards
[5:58:22 PM] Biss01: spam is mute than temp ban
[5:59:20 PM] Keya: Sounds reasonable
[5:59:23 PM] richard chester: actualy depending on the spam it should very .. new player spam deliberate intsant ban perm
[5:59:47 PM] Biss01: rasism should be insta-ban in my opinion words like kite, nigger, and white-trash should ban perm
[5:59:57 PM] Keya: I agree
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