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Laura - Today at 1:07 AM
I don't understand why you do feel that way.
Maya - Today at 1:08 AM
Well, it's not..per se normal for someone to say "I love you" until a decent ways into a relationship, let alone just a friendship.
I guess..I was afraid I made you feel awkward or uncomfortable.
Laura - Today at 1:09 AM
You didn't.
And so what if it's not normal?
I did the same.
Maya - Today at 1:11 AM
Come again?
Laura - Today at 1:12 AM
It did not make me feel uncomfortable.
Maya - Today at 1:13 AM
"I did the same."
I meant that more in reference to this.
Laura - Today at 1:14 AM
I was the one who confessed to Chelsea.
Sure, we knew each other for two year​s, but those two years were not what you might think.
We were simply classmates.
(Maya's note: Chelsea is Laura's ex-fianceé. They called it off after Chelsea did some REALLY low things.)
Maya - Today at 1:17 AM
So you two were nowhere near as close as we are now, then.
Laura - Today at 1:18 AM
Maya - Today at 1:18 AM
Laura - Today at 1:18 AM
SyMag knows me better than Chelsea did back then.
As does several other people in the group.
Central Avenue too.
(Maya's Note: SyMag is a mutual friend of ours, as is Central.)
Maya - Today at 1:20 AM
I see.
I'd like to bring back something I said during the little..crisis earlier.
If you recall, I said that I didn't care if you ever figured out your feelings on this matter. I just wanted you to be safe.
That wasn't just me saying things to stop you. That was a genuine belief. 
I don't care if you never figure it all out. I just want you to be happy with your life. Whether or not that involves us being romantic partners is irrelevant. You're my best friend, and if I'm not the one who loves you or not is fine with me.
At the end of the day, I just feel bad for having said "I love you" when I'm not sure if either of us were prepared for it. I hope you understand what I'm saying. Not just now, but for this entire little brick of text. I do hope that we can be together, but it that's not in the stars at the end of that day, that's okay. What matters is your happiness.
Laura - Today at 1:27 AM
Maya - Today at 1:31 AM
That being said.
I understand that I can come off as a bit...pushy at times, as well as sometimes seeming..well..for the lack of a better word, desperate. I deeply apologize if that ever is offputting. With all the emotional damage I've had, I can't always guarantee that I handle things while keeping my friends' best interests in mind. Sometimes I act selfishly. If I ever do those kinds of things, please let me know.
You also said, in that note you sent me, that you feel something. A strong something. But you don't understand it.
If I can ever possibly help you understand, please let me know.
Laura - Today at 1:33 AM
It'll just take time.
That I can tell.
Maya - Today at 1:38 AM
That's fair.
You're a very important friend to me, Laura. I'm always happy just to talk to you and to hear your voice. I love being in voice chats with you because you understand me. I can be myself fearlessly around you.  You're also there when I need a shoulder to lean on, and I'm here for you whenever I can be.
You are my best friend and I would do quite honestly anything for you. You've honestly made me a better person.
For that, I can't thank you enough.
Laura - Today at 1:39 AM
Maya - Today at 1:39 AM
A purple one? Damn, I got upgraded.
In the future, though, I'll do my best to not let the big three slip whilst in an emotional whirlwind like I was in the other night.
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