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    callfunc "newMes", $@Brasket, 0, "Welcome",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Brasket, 1, "My name is Brasket, Gimble told me that your are coming.",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Brasket, 2, "Before i can Teach you the Mining Skills, you have to do some work for us.",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Brasket, 3, "Are you Interessted?",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Brasket, 4, "Yes Sure",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Brasket, 5, "No Thanks",.@lc$;
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