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1.      You will need to view this document on a computer or a tablet, a phone will not work.
2.      We know that the doc seems long (most of the room is taken up by screenshots), but it is CRUCIAL, for your safety, that you read the entire thing before moving forward with the Op. You can not know what you’re getting into, unless you read it all. Everything is linked to everything else.
3.      No, this is not the typical way that we share Ops, but most ops don’t require screenshots as proof as to what this is.
Brothers and sisters, we have been infiltrated like we have never been before. The feds have permeated into every single group, every single page, and every single chat we have, and have even created some Anonymous pages of their own. Since starting this Op, those of us who have been working on it have had people trying to access our emails, bank accounts, facebook accounts, computers and phones. We have been followed, watched, and threatened. This is the most massive and potentially dangerous Op we have ever run. If that scares you, walk away now. If you are still reading this, welcome to #OpExposeNLM/765
There are two main groups NLM (National Liberation Militia) and 765 movement. The origins of these groups, and how they became groups run by feds are detailed below. They snuck in quietly, and started a very heavy recruiting process of anons. Their intention is to destroy us on every level we work on, and have the plans to do so.
If you have questioned why there has been an insane amount of infighting recently, this is why. They are trying to destroy anons that were too smart to be subject to their Psyop recruiting tactics. Those that were recruited are referred to as cannon fodder.
We have found people that were considered to be truly trusted anons, involved in this. Question everything. Once you go down the list, check your mutuals with every single NLM officer. You will start to see a disturbing pattern. Question everything. Although, do be aware that these groups contain over 7,000 members. The vast majority of the people in these groups are anarchists, militia, survivalist. There isn’t a damn thing wrong with that, and these people have NO idea what they are involved in. After all, they were recruited. What this means is don’t go after someone simply because you see a name. Do some research. This isn’t about causing in-fighting, this is about getting rid of the fed scum that have successfully permeated the collective. While we have a massive amount of names that are involved in these groups, the only names that have been revealed are of those that have been confirmed.
They have two plans known to us. One is their Halloween Mayhem Op. They are recruiting people that are more than happy to create violent chaos, and take to the streets Halloween night, with guns. The orders are to randomly shoot innocent people (if you think this sounds implausible, they have successfully done it before, details below) , tear down atms and surveillance cameras, and actively riot against police….ALL IN THE NAME OF ANONYMOUS. Our masks, our name. They say that the children of those that choose to carry this out, will be armed as well, and the innocent children on the streets are collateral damage, and that it is perfectly fine to use these children as human shields against gunfire of the police.
Still reading? Good, it gets worse. Their second operation is planned for November 5th, that’s right, the Million Mask March. There are NLM ground troups in every city across the nation. Their plans are to storm every city hall that Anonymous will be marching in front of, and storm them, using Blac Block tactics. If you don’t know Blac Block, now would be a time to read up. In Washington, they plan on storming the capitol building. They will be doing this wearing the mask. No agent or officer would be able to tell the difference between the protestors and the NLM. Massive Anonymous lives and innocent bystanders will be lost and the idea, maybe irreparably, destroyed..
If you take the word of the ex NLM officer contacts that we have, the purpose of this is to blame home grown terrorist attacks on Anonymous. The end game being inciting martial law and ruining Anonymous for good. No more Anonymous, no more problems. Nobody left to think, question, and push back against the system.
Have you seen one of the most recent Anonymous videos going around, calling for a massive hack on Nov 5th? That was written by Geoffry Librom. He is an NLM officer and coordinator of the MMM op. So, since a lot of those that hax, don’t like taking to the streets, this is the second wave of taking down Anonymous. Their op works both IRL and virtually.
Anybody who decides to move forward with OpExposeNlm/765, MUST read all of the intel below. There is absolutely no way to proceed with any safety without all of the information. These groups and accounts are giant honey pots. Tread lightly and not alone. 
They think they will use our name for violence. They think they will use our name to incite the second American Revolution, on their terms. They think they know us. They think they can infiltrate us, without us knowing it. They think they finally have us. What they didn’t think, was that they should have expected us. NOW LET’S GO SHOW THESE MOTH3RFUCK3RS WHO WE REALLY ARE!
We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect Us!
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