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(Ort: Der sehr arme außenbereich einer Königsstadt / Trigger mal den monolog sobald man vor einem relativ schönen Haus steht) 
(Sobald man vor dem schönen Haus steht:)
As you leave the always busy center of town you start wondering about life in the outskirts of the kingdom.
Your making steady progres as you wander the often completely deserted roads of the slums where the poor and abandoned lurk.
While your busy inspecting a rather well maintained house in the middle of such an unwealthy part of town, the front door of the house opens.
Out comes an old lady. As you look into her eyes she appears to have some kind of malicious intend which startles you but as soon as you start to draw you weapon she starts to gently smile at you, which imediately calms you down.
(Wenn man sich dafür entscheidet nicht mit ihr zu reden)
"Oh, it appeared to me that you have some kind of interest in this modest little house of mine... But dont mind me... Come back if you want to talk.
I seldom get some company here." You nod and start walking away.
(Wenn man sichd dafür entscheidet mit ihr zu reden)
"Easy there young man... We do not want to quarrel in an open space like this, do we?"
"You seem to be a respectable man... Why dont you come in together with me... I have got some tea for you! Trust me I can guarantee its exquisite flavour."
(Nun kann man sich entscheiden ob man ihr vertraut oder nicht. Lass son textfeld aufploppen in das man seine antwort reintippen kann: "Yes, gladly." um zu zustimmen und "No sorry, got things to do." um ab zulehnen.
Sollte man ablehnen lass einfach nochmal den monolog fürs einfach weglaufen durchlaufen)
(Wenn man ihr vertraut:)
"Oh, this pleases me greatly! You do not know, young man how lonely it can get out in this place."
She walks you to a neatly decorated room which has that typical old lady smell but it is not very unpleasant.
As you take a look around the room you notice a beautiful shining wand on the wall which for some reason you can not take your eyes off.
"I see you noticed the wand on the wall.... Fantastic, isnt it... It used to be my sons wand. He was a very famous mage, but the war took my little boy from me...."
"Now this wand is just rotting away here... Ah, I know, how about you help me with something."
"You know... I actually am a witch! Are you suprised? Well you should be! Ahahahaha."
"The thing is I need some very... let us say... special ingredience in order to make a potion for a customer... Could you help me?"
"The wand shall be yours if you accept my humble request, hahaha."
(Jetz zutaten liste einblenden und accept/deny)
(Bei accept:)
"Oh, wonderful! I am very happy! Now do not be to rash because some of these things are hard to get so do not let yourself get killed!!"
(Bei deny:)
Oh, well that is no problem...Things got time... just come back to me if you change your mind!"
(Bei erfüllung der quest:)
"Excellent, now I can brew the potion to my customers utmost satisfaction, so as promised here is the wand! Please take good care of it. In honor of my son...."
(Überreichung des items)
With a justified sence of accomplishement you start walking away after saying goodbye to this nice old lady....
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