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WARNING!!!  Former CIA Jim Garrow Details A Planned Coup Against America
Former CIA Jim Garrow was contacted by several former high-brass military officials who confessed their knowledge about a coup d'etat not only planned against America, but in the works back in 2013. This information relates to major financial crimes and treason against the interests of the United States and goes into detail about the massive purge of military persons from the the highest ranks on down.
What was first a new litmus test became a way to single out dedicated patriots, who support the constitution, in order to fire them from their positions. Worse. Then it happened, and continued to happen. Military generals were asked 'if you were ordered, from the president of the United States, to demand troops to fire on American citizens, would you follow those orders? Would you order those under you to fire on American citizens?' Most of them said 'no.' That's when the dots were connected when those who swore an oath to obey the constitutions were terminated from their positions. In mid-2014, over 300+ high brass military officials were replaced, their job terminated. THIS IS A TRUE STORY.
Later, they figured out WHY this was occurring. Chinese interests have demanded on behalf of Obama, to disarm Americans due to the threat civilians pose when the Chinese demand collateral after the US defaults on their debts.
The Chinese hold a massive amount of US debts and have become the de-facto creditor.
"When a nation goes into debt, they have creditors, creditors demand collateral encase they either 
(1) default on the debts or 
(2) go bankrupt and cannot pay back in full (which is essentially another way of saying you paid half of what you owe, and assets will be seized if you cannot come up with the rest)."
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