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[1/13/2015 6:42:48 PM] Toboe Wolf: Hey I need to talk to you its kinda important
[1/13/2015 6:42:57 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Hm?
[1/13/2015 6:44:19 PM] Toboe Wolf: Burp and Wombat just quit.... could I convince you to be my new co-owner?
[1/13/2015 6:44:31 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Why did they quit?
[1/13/2015 6:45:32 PM] Toboe Wolf: Burp quit cuz wombat quit.  Wombat quit cuz I told her if ages not ganna be active ima get another admin.....
[1/13/2015 6:45:54 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): "if ages not ganna be active"?
[1/13/2015 6:46:00 PM] Toboe Wolf: O.o that messed up a bit
[1/13/2015 6:46:07 PM] Toboe Wolf: She's not active
[1/13/2015 6:46:20 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): How active was she?
[1/13/2015 6:46:41 PM] Toboe Wolf: She popes in for about an hr a day
[1/13/2015 6:46:47 PM] Toboe Wolf: If that
[1/13/2015 6:47:01 PM] Toboe Wolf: Sometimes she dont come on at all
[1/13/2015 6:47:11 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): Whats wrong with that? She's atleast on daily :/
[1/13/2015 6:47:19 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): You're expecting too much out of her
[1/13/2015 6:49:34 PM] Toboe Wolf: ....I already have like 6 average users on at a time... im not trying to mess around I wanna get it up and going I cant do that when half my staff is inactive. I have 1 admin that's active that's it really....
[1/13/2015 6:50:05 PM] Toboe Wolf: Burp vanishes for days at a time
[1/13/2015 6:50:18 PM] Toboe Wolf: Unannounced
[1/13/2015 6:50:44 PM] Toboe Wolf: If I have questions I cant ask him hes gone
[1/13/2015 6:50:56 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): You're expecting your staff to not have a life outside of minecraft wolf.
[1/13/2015 6:51:25 PM] Gunar (Pneuma): An hour a day is actually a pretty active person for her age.
[1/13/2015 6:52:59 PM] Toboe Wolf: ....I have an admin his age is 15 and hes on like 10 hrs a day... I didn't ask him to be but he is. Thats really active
[1/13/2015 6:53:25 PM] Toboe Wolf: I gotta go to work... ttyl
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