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    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 0, "Welcome ",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 1, "The quests are in different LVL ranges",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 2, "Select a LVL range",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 3, "Select a Quest from this LVL range",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 4, "Your Choice: ",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 5, "This Quest will give you",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 6, "Will you accept the Quest?",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 7, "Ok come back later",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 8, "Hmm it looks like you already did the Quest in the past 24 Hours....",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 9, "Your Mission: ",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 10, "Good Luck!",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 11, "Your level does not meet the selected range, come back when you got a higher level",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 12, "You already have a Quest active",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 13, "Do you want to continue the quest or cancel it ?",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 14, "Ok I have removed the Quest",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 15, "I will keep it",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 16, "I want to cancel it",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 17, "Congrats!",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 18, "Quest successfully completed",.@lc$;
    callfunc "newMes", $@Single_Quest, 19, "English 4",.@lc$;
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