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A binary search algorithm is written (as in the modules, for example) which searches a pre-sorted array for some user-defined value, clientData.  If clientData is stored in the array, it returns its array position, and if not found, it returns -1 (again, just like in the modules).  Assume the array to be searched has 100 data elements in it. (Check all that apply):
[NOTE: due to common off-by-one interpretations when counting such things, if your predicted answer is within one (+1 or -1) of a posted option below, you can assume your prediction and the choice you are looking at are equivalent and check that option.]
        A.      It will always return with an answer in 7 or fewer comparisons of data.
        B.      It may require as many as 99 comparisons of data before it returns.
        C.      It will always return with an answer in 3 or fewer comparisons of data.
        D.      It might return to the client with an answer after only one comparison of data.
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